Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

I SAW A ROBIN TODAY! and a hummingbird, a jay, a junco...


Spring has definitely sprung in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains here where I live. Yet, I hear that many teachers and kids out there are still knee deep in frozen snow.  Oh do hang in there, spring is on the way. Calendar-wise Spring is here. 

What activities and what lessons do you teach the children in your classroom?  Do you have new and unique ways to present these spring lessons? I am compiling a list of activities and lessons that teachers do and teach in spring. Pi Day, and St. Patrick's Day just past. We are heading into Easter and Mother's Day.  I'm looking to include the tried and true lessons that work as well as the new and different.  

I find teachers to be some of the most creative people on Earth.  If there is a way to to effectively teach a lesson in a way that it is long, lasting and memorable, a teacher will find a way to do it.  Let's put on OUR thinking caps and come up with some new ways to teach old lessons.  Let's pull out those things we know work well and share them with other teachers.

You can contribute these lessons by writing the idea, with sufficient detail, in the comments section or by sending it in an email to  I will compile these lessons in a book format which will include your lesson and your name. Contributors receive a free copy of the book. Others will be able to purchase the book at a reasonable price.

The books on Pi Day and St. Patricks Day will be going to press shortly! I can't wait to see how they will look! and I look forward to your comments. 

I would love to hear from you with your best ideas for Spring, Easter, Mother's Day and other lessons on your Common Core Standards pacing charts that are covered in spring.

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