Thursday, January 19, 2017


Getting back to what this blog started out to be....information, products and shares of teachers for teachers, I would like to post a little about EDSURGE.  If you have not heard of the Edsurge site, don't feel bad, I just happened to stumble upon it while reading about blogging!

Edsurge is a site that gathers all information having to do with education/teachnology and educating. Their focus is Education/Technology.  Their dashboard topics include: 

  • News -up-to-date: how schools are changing
  • Summits:Events around the U.S. for educators to come together with entrepreneurs toward the betterment of education
  • Jobs: Best available jobs in EdTech and Education
  • Higher Education: Latest trends/leaders in tech/ed Higher Ed
  • Product Reviews: Latest education/technology tools reviewed by teachers
  • Research: Latest education in how techology is being used in leading schools and districts
  • Consierge: How smart schools are finding the technology that best fits their schools
Signing up for this site is free and is kept current. I'm excited to have found this site; as I am a teacher, currently on a medical leave. This site as well as many others I plan to cover, offer one of the best way to keep up with trends in education. 


Happy Teaching Happy Learning!



Tuesday, January 10, 2017


                      A GIFT GUIDE

I am in the process of putting together a gift guide for Valentine's Day.  I had never put a gift guide together before and decided to visit blogs who have done gift guides to see what seems to be common to a good gift guide.  Here is what I found:

1) Guide should appeal to a certain group of consumers.
     If your blog or site usually speaks to crafters, diyers,
     bakers, etc. make sure your list caters to your audience.

2) Include a brief description of the suggested gift and
     a reason it might appeal to the recipient.

3) Include a good, clear picture of the item.

4) Be sure to include a working link to where they may
     purchase the gift.

5) Publish the gift guide with plenty of time for the buyers
    to find the items listed and make a purchase.

6) Advertize your gift guide on social media sites such as
    facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, goggle, etc. Again
    you may want to advertize your guide on sites that would
    attract buyers who may frequent that site.  You should consider
    posting your guide several times a week to several times a day
    in order to bring it before more readers or use a sight that will
    schedule and automatically do this for you, eg. Hootsuite

I invite you to return at the end of January to view my 2017 Valentines Day Gift Guide. I will also be
posting on my other two blogs as they cater to different audiences: crafters/creators on
review site/general audience
and for teachers (here)

Feel free to comment below or contact me to help you with your gift guide.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Groupon Coupon Medifast1

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I know were in the midst of celebrating, cheering, eating, drinking, without a care in the of holiday bliss. 
But then.....bum bum bum bum, the New Year, resolutions, regrets of eating that chocolate covered peanut butter and graham crackers!

Medifast1 has been the answer for many people as it gives the "nutrition without reducing muscle mass" How does it work:

The perfect plan for you

We have weight loss plans to fit every budget and lifestyle. Medifast is the brand recommended by over 20,000 Doctors since 1980

Why Medifast`1 works

Doctor developed, clinically proven, Medifast works with your body to burn away fat while you maintain muscle mass.

Tasty, Effective Choices

With over 65 portion controlled, low calorie, fortified, delicious meals to choose from, weight loss never tasted so good!

WHAT MAKES MEDIFAST1 EVEN BETTER?  A DISCOUNT FROM (drumroll) GROUPON COUPON for free shipping with a code!
You have tried alot of other plans, try Medifast1, formulated by physicians.  There are varying formulas depending on what YOU need  Check it out and do it in the new year. May 12/2017 find a slimmer you! Good Luck!


Groupon Coupon Blue Nile

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Groupon Coupons PROMOTING

 BLUE NILE has jewelry for great gifts and to commemorate the memories of a lifetime. Diamond rings, stud earrings, bracelets, all as shiney as the icicles hanging from the rooftops!

To make them even more beautiful, Groupon Coupons is offering coupons and codes to take off anywhere from 20% to 50% off! $200 off certain sets!  Free Fed Ex shipping!  You can even enter to win a $5000 diamond ring!  Wouldn't that make holiday bells ring a ding! 


Blue Nile has all sorts of jewelry and is sure to have just the right gift for your loved one.  They have engagement rings, wedding jewelry, promise rings and the like. I don't know anyone who really would not appreciate or be ecstatic over a piece of jewelry. I have purchased jewelry for about half of my gifts. The other half are toys for kids.

On the BLUE NILE site, you can also be educated with all the terms that are used to describe a diamond, including what to look for when buying a diamond.  Maybe THIS IS the year you will want to ask her or him to come together and start a new life! Or maybe, just make a promise for the future. Whatever the piece you choose, you will come to mind each time they wear and look at it. That is why so many people gift with jewelry.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016


rubber stamps

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Rubber STAMP CHAMP Champ has all the professional  stamps you will ever need!

Stamps, pads, ink and so much more!  They have stamps that re-ink themselves, stamps you can safely carry in your pocket! Teachers have you ever wanted a stamp that used YOUR very own words? Rubber Stamp Champ can make customized stamps for your use. You know how there are always those few students who forget to put their name on their work? Well, you can have a stamp made that requests the name, or request a parent signature or simply says, "You Rock".   Your notes, memos, letters will get the attention it needs if your have a custom stamp made with your principals name following the words "Immediate Attention for Mrs. Smith, Principal of Rightway School"

Give Stamp Champ a try, and you will be coming up with so many ways that stamps can save you time.
                                                      STAMP CHAMP

Rubber Stamp Champ has a wide variety of stamps. They will make a stamp for you if you want it personalized.  They give quick professional service.


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Guitar Center DJBluetooth


  DJ Bluetooth Speakers
bluetooth dj speakers


The Guitar Center has their DJ Bluetooth Speakers listed at a very
reasonable price.  They are of high quality production and give clear, crisp sound that every DJ or DJ wanna be would love to have to enhance their playing program.  If you want a professional performance, check out the DJ Bluetooh Speakers to deliver your music and musing to your awaiting audience.

Not only that the Guitar Center has many high quality instruments and accessories at very reasonable prices.  They have everything that your friend, the DJ, would want and need for his or her ensemble.

Don't miss their December Giveaway! Signup and tell the Guitar Center Santa what you hope to win!


Monday, December 5, 2016


This is a sponsored ad and my contain affiliate links.pinions expressed in this blog are my own for those days when you wear YOUR team!

If you are like me, that day comes and you look in your closet and sigh. NADA.  I just never thought it would part of my wardrobe. How can I show team spirit?  Never fear is here and will have you covered no matter who your state heroes are in any sport highlighted.  Fanatics have:
tops bottoms scarves socks shoes hats, baby clothes, his/hers, dresses, shorts, workout tops and bottoms, purses, wallets, football, baseball, soccer, hockey college, national

 E V E R Y T H I N G sports related!