Friday, October 7, 2016

Vases from Leaves


Leaf Bowl and picture by HelloLucky

 You could also collect leaves that have survived the winter in fairly good shape and form 'vases' with glue and balloons. They are delicate, but beautiful. They could be used as a Mother's Day present.

1. Collect leaves from around the school, or have the children bring them in from home. All the same, or at least the same size works well, but is not necessary. Have students identify the kind of tree they came from.

2. Give each student a small water balloon, the kind used in water balloon fights. They tend to be smaller.  Blow up the balloon and tie it off. Use cut off cardboard tubes or little cups to hold the balloons as your students work on them. Putting their names on the tube or cup will help identify to whom the vase belongs. Place the balloon, knot side up on top the cup or tube.

3. Mix about a quarter cup of glue with about three tablespoons of water in a bowl for each student. 

4.Very carefully dip the leaves in glue solution.  Apply them to the balloon. Use the natural curve of the leaves to meet the shape of the balloon. Go around the balloon placing leaves. Do not cover the top of the balloon. This will be the vase opening. Work around the knot of the balloon, leaving it sticking out as you will cut it off later. Do only one layer, one leaf overlapping the other.

5. Let dry. When completely dry. Spray or paint over with lacquer or other finishing product that gives a slight glaze. This may be a job just for a grown up, since these glazes can be harmful as far as fumes are concerned.  You may like to add a tiny bit of glitter to give the vase some pop. You may do this before the glaze dries so the sparklies will stick.

6. Carefully stick the balloon with a screwer or other sharp object. This can be a fun part for the kids besides getting all messy with glue. Hold onto the balloon knot as you pop it. Very, Very carefully remove the balloon from inside the vase.

7. Set the vase down and help form a flat surface on the bottom or knot side. You may want to glaze and glitter the inside of vase. Let dry.

8. Place the vase in a lit window so the light shining through will show the real beauty of the leaves.  Put in a box that is close to the vase size. Send home wrapped as a Mother's Day present or just send home in the box to keep it safe.




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    Earth Day Pennant Necklace

This calls for the help of an adult with an oven or toaster oven, but it is well worth the trouble. 

Materials needed: Polymer clay, blue, green, white, red, tooth picks, large jewelry rings, small pieces of foil to work on.

Give each student a piece of blue polymer clay that will flatten out to a little bit bigger than a round quarter. Have the students work the polymer into a ball, then flatten. It will naturally form a round piece about 1/8 thick or a little bit thicker than a quarter.

Turn the blue circle over. Have the students use the toothpick to write their initials and 2015 or Earth Day 2015 on the back of the round. Do this very lightly. Do not press hard. You just want the letters on the back not pressing through to the front.

Give the students a little bit of green clay. Have them make shapes that resemble land or the continents. 

Give them a smaller piece of white clay to make ice caps at the poles and white streaks that can be water or clouds.

Remind students to keep the piece as flat as possible. 

Give the students a smaller, yet, piece of red clay to make a tiny heart that they can place anywhere on the "Earth".

Poke a small hole near the top of the Earth with the toothpick just big enough to accommodate the jewelry finding which is a metal ring. 

Have the students place their pennant with the foil on a cookie sheet. Bake the Earths at 340F degrees for one half hour. The Earths should be solid and have a plastic feel.  Let cool. 

Give students one large jewelry loop finding.  Have them bend the opening of the ring so they will be able to slip it through the hole in the pennant. Depending on your students' dexterity skills, you might want to do this yourself. If you plan to string the pendent on a piece of string or leather, close the loop. If you want to use a chain, do not close the loop and follow the chair directions which follow. 


You will close the loop once you slide a chain through the loop so it hangs from one of the links in the chain. You can find the middle of the chain, but holding the chain so the two ends meet. The opposite side of the chain from where the ends meet, is your center of the chain. It is best to put the ring at this point as it will be centered.  Close the loop. 

 The length of chain or string should be the size so that it will easily pass over the students' heads.  Or, depending on the skill of your students, you may want to have them add clawfoot closures to the end.  I prefer to make it the size a little bigger than their heads so that it saves the cost of the clawfoot closures.

There you have a keepsake to remember Earth Day 2015 which can be warn on future Earth Days, or everyday, because Earth Day is EVERY Day!

Monday, May 16, 2016


I have always loved stained glass. Anything affordable and stainglass had to be mine.  The cost was always the prohibitor and also was the size. Afterall, I had no place to put a huge church window!!  So I would go after the stainglass I could afford. Seems I a still in that position. My bathroom has a semi clear window and my first thought is: stainglass.  So along comes this company with window film that looks like stainglass with different accents on colors. I'm in love. The window film comes in different patternsand colors. In general, they come in sheet of 12 x 18. The window film is easy to apply and to remove.
The Seller says:
Clear Window films by Windowpix protects your space from UV rays, while providing the perfect decorative accent for any window or glass door. Available in a variety of highly-detailed images and stained glass designs, window films create the visual effect and sparkle of textured stained to quickly transform spaces. WindowPix films refract light, while diminishing glare and saving on energy costs. Window films can be easily applied to any Window panels and are non-adhesive (no sticky residue). Simply clean the glass surface with a window cleaner. Then spray it with a mix of soap and water. Apply the window film over the soap/water mix and use the provided squeegee tool to remove any remaining air bubbles. Films are easily removed using soapy water or regular glass cleaner. These films provide UV protection and are the perfect accent for windows that require basic privacy without compromising on decor. Our window films can be easily removed and rolled for storage and can be used again and again!  WindowPix patented products are all made and produced in the USA with dedication and care for the product. 

I love my stainglass film and I know that I have complete privacy as well as beauty in my bath. I received this item at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Dog First Aid and CPR



Here is a helpful website. They have all sorts of information and booklets on first aid for all kinds of animals.  They have instruction books for raising animals from birth to adult. A super site for almost every question you  have about raising a pet.

The writer says: 
Without warning, tragedy can strike your dog, so YOU must know what to do. Statistics show that preventable accidents are the leading cause of death, with 9 dogs out of 10 expected to have an emergency during their lifetime! According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), 25% more animals could be saved if just one Pet First-Aid technique was applied prior to getting Veterinary care. The most skilled Veterinarian cannot bring your dog or puppy back to life, but by knowing Pet First Aid & CPR, YOU can keep your best friend alive until you reach medical help. First-Aid techniques can also prevent pain and further injury to your dog and help you to recognize emergency situations so that professional Veterinary care can be obtained as quickly as possible.
 This guide provides detailed instructions on what to do in any emergency that your dog is likely to have, including bleeding injuries, choking incidents, intestinal upsets, bites and stings, birthing difficulties, poisoning, rescue breathing & CPR

This is a good site for pet information.  I received my book at a low cost in exchange for this honest review.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

Omne Oil Pencils


Have you ever used colored pencils and found yourself wishing that they would color just a bit darker, just about more brilliant instead of the watercolor-like pale colors?  Well, as I said in  a previous blog, I discovered that there are more than just "colored" pencils.  There are the colored pencils that are made of something like the pencil lead of a regular pencil, only with colors. There are colored pencils that are made for dipping in water in order to get a watercolor effect.  Then, I discovered the third kind of colored pencils, "oil art pencils" the ones sold by Onme and now featured on this blog.  These pencils are made of color mixed with oil.  These pencils write or color very smoothly and with darker colors that you may have wished for when working on your masterpieces!
The colors are darker than regular colored pencils, color smoothly, and with less pressure than regular colored pencils. I LOVE THEM!
The seller says:
  • High quality drawing pencils for writing, drawing and sketching, extra-smooth lines in rough drafts, sketches and pencil illustrations
    Set of 48 assorted colours, colorful pencils great for doing home/adult coloring books.A wonderful pencil set for coloring Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest,and Lost Ocean Coloring Book.
    High print effect, smooth when using them, which is a wonderful pencil set for professional Artist Sketch Illustration Cartoon Watercolor Painted, etc.
    Environmental friendly material which is harmless to your health, completely safe for use by anyone, including children and pregnant women, but small parts not suitable for children under 3 years of ag.
    Note: Choking Hazard: Small parts, not suitable for children under 3 years of age.
The pencils come in a strong cardboard tube with a cover.  Inside are 36 oil color pencils and a manual pencil sharpener. A very nice kit for beginners or seasoned artist.
I am so very very happy with my oil color pencils, and I recommend that everyone try them at least once, you'll be hooked!  I got my pencils at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest and unbias review.


    Friday, April 1, 2016


    Have  you gotten caught up in the latest fad of coloring in adult coloring books? (by "adult" I don't mean a book of nude pictures, although, I'll be someone will come out with that too.  Psychology Today ran an article featuring research that was done proving that adults coloring was really do benefit from coloring. Coloring seems to relax and reduce anxiety and stress.  Of course you can color with anything you like, but the paper in the coloring books are made with certain utinsels in mind. Most the coloring books urge their owners to use colored pencils.

    I must tell you something I just learned about colored pencils. There are at least three kinds of colored pencils. I thought all colored pencils were alike and what did it matter which brand. Yes some seemed to color darker or brighter, but paper is paper and pencils are pencils.  Nope!! There are colored pencils used for drawing. They are rather hard and to color with them you must press hard to get a deep color. Another kind of colored pencil, are watercolor pencils. These have a softer lead and when they dipped into water, they act almost like a paintbrush.  You can use them to to actually watercolor on the right prepared paper.  The third kind of colored pencils are called oil pencils. Their core is quite soft and the coloring is mixed with a bit of mineral oil.  They color smoothly and do give a very dark coloring to the page.

    Now, the product, I received a packet from USArtSupply, it contains colored pencils and watercolor pencils! It also had different grades of charcoal pencils. Thirty-six high quality pencils in all, and they came in a canvas wrap that was designed to carry all the pencils. When it is rolled up, you snap it shut with a binding leather strip. The tips are protected by a strip of vinyl and it has a pocket for an eraser and sharpener.  I call this a must have for the serious coloring adult or for a serious artist. 
    The Seller says:
    Product Description  - Premium Pencils that are produced with carefully selected high-quality pigments - Our pencils can be used for soft, delicate qualities or bold, crisp sharpness
     - This pencil set is great for use with Coloring Books for Adults such as Secret Garden & Enchanted Forest
     - 36-piece set contains: 12- Watercolor Pencils, 12 - Colored Pencils, 8 Sketch Pencils & 4 Graphite Pencils
     - Canvas Roll-Up Case has individual slots to hold each pencil. This case also has a pencil lead cover to protect your pencils while in the case.
    [USA PS-1236-ROLL]

    I am thrilled to own this pencil kit. When I was a young child, I always got what was left at the end of four other siblings use. I always wanted to have a new set. I may have had to wait thirty some years, but THIS set. I got this set at a greatly reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.


    Monday, March 28, 2016

    Design Differentiated Instruction

                     BY   DR. CARRIE SIMPSON
    This may be the book that revolutionizes that way teachers teach!Design: DIFFERENTIATED INSTRUCTION

    Since the revelation of about nine modalities by Howard Gardner, many teachers embraced the idea, but found it quite complicated and even more perplexed over how to carry out this big order with a class load of 35 to 70 or more students. I was a science teacher at an elementary school teacher when I was excitedly lit with Gardner's idea of Teaching to the modalities  I returned to school, tried this and tried that, but found that seeing every student in a relatively small elementary school of 430 students, grades K through 6.  I used it with students that were struggling. I found it impossible to implement Gardners theory completely and had many colleagues with 35+ students were struggling as well.  Gardner's focus on modalities is still very useful, but the CAP Design of Differentiated Instruction may make teachers' lives and their teaching more effective.

    Basically CAP stands for "Creativity,  Analytical and Practical". Students are given activities that help them learn a concept by processing the information with the above three categories. The teacher does not assess and place the students in these groups, the students are allowed to pick which they want to do to learn the concepts (the facts, content, vocabulary)the process (how students interact while learning the material, Creatively, Analytically or Practically) and the product (whatever they produce to demonstrate understanding of new information). The teacher provides the activities from which the students choose.

    Students who choose to use their Creativity, might choose to create a skit, a storyboard, paint a picture, write a poem that demonstrates that the understand the concept. Students that are more Analytical, may choose, write out steps, categorize, list, outline, show similarities and differences and many more. Students that tend to the Practical, might choose activities that generate sentences or examples, state defining characteristics, talk about and generate sentences that demonstrate understanding, etc. (Troubleshooting the process is also included, eg. when students tend to always
    group with friends.)

    The author includes many examples of subjects and how the teacher designed activities for each of the CAP categories. Also included are templates for planning CAP activites, Student Self Assessment, and Teacher Assessment or Self Reflection of the lesson and its effectiveness.

    The CAP design of differentiated instruction was developed by Robert Sternberg whose research shows that three thinker sets exist and has since have been supported by continued research, that the modes neurologically have been shown to enhance retention in learners.  Dr. Carol Dweck has built on this research to demonstrate that we can "educate ourselves into elevated intelligence and train ourselves into new realms of talent."  As teachers it is our duty to impart this kind of learning in our students that "we can learn ourselves to be smarter". This may also encourage our students into life long learning.

    I am very excited about trying out these methods in my classroom, and sharing them with my colleagues, principal, superintendent and Board of Education.
    I received this book published by Pieces of Learning at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest and unbias review.



    Thursday, March 17, 2016

    Don't Dare Die

    The most important book you will ever own”

    It is true. It is the most important book you will ever own or read.  This book is written for everyone who is living and will die or will have friends and relatives who will die someday.  The book is also intended for lawyers.

    I don’t like to think about death, mine or others. Somehow I have avoided funerals, even those of my parent. My parents donated their bodies to science at the local medical college, and memorial masses were held in their honor. I was late to my mother’s and I’m not sure if one was held for my dad. I was striking out in my own independence and I think my brothers and sisters were resentful of that in light of the illnesses my parents went through just before death.  On the flip side, when I did go to visit or offer to help out there was a cold chill that I could not explain. Later I was to discover that my brothers and sister had manipulated my mother to leave me nothing in her will, leaving only the phrase “not due to lack of love, but that she is well taken care of” referring to my soon to be ex-husband.  No one knew me well enough to know the difficulties that had surfaced in my marriage. My father was mentally “gone” way before his actual death and did not have a will. Thus, everything was divided up by probate, (each getting $6000, which my brother asked me to give back) and physical items among my brothers and sisters. It was a mess. A PAINFUL MESS, that haunts me to this day though it has been 30 years! It was definitely NOT the way to handle things.  I tell you this not for pity, but to emphasize the importance of this book.  It will guide you to the appropriate, righteous, true and proper ways to handle your preparations so that you are not reaching back from the grave to destroy  the psyche of those you leave behind. Oh how I wish this book had been written thirty years ago.  Afterall, funerals are really for the living, to leave warm memories and sooth the loss of their loved ones.

    The book informs you with practical ways to prepare so that when death does happen, you, your family, the family of your friends will be prepared for the event, both mentally, financially and so the things are planned and go smoothly.  To do this the book is divided into three sections:  Theoretical, practical and organizational.

    The book includes information  concerning information on organizing your personal matters, personal and financial conduct, types of insurance, wills, inheritance, memorial and funeral options. Topics by chapters include: Memorials/Remembrances, Wills and Inheritance,  Funeral and Burial (Customs for Burial/Moarning, General Conduct, Financial Assets, Types of Accounts, Types of Financial Debts, Insurance and Forms that you may need.
    This book will “help you stay in the memory and consciousness  of those dear to you in the most appropriate manner, but also to prepare for all the scenes and scenarios for which you need to prepare before departing this world.
    The author offers his personal website as a resource for more information and a place download necessary forms that you might need.

    The author is careful to say that this book does not provide legal guidance or suggestions. 

    This book is very much needed by society so they are not caught without the necessary things to sooth the hearts of their loved ones and leave other aspects of life in order.
    I received this book at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.

    Live free of worry and don’t endanger the future and the well-being of your loved onesA practical guide to plan and organize your Life.
    People prepare for every stage of life in the most precise way - from kindergarten until the birth of their children. But for the most critical stage of life, namely the end, we tend not to prepare.
    The book explains how to put everything you have in order and how to leave things behind for when the time comes.
    >>>The most important book you will ever own
    The book touches all life’s aspects and helps organize everything for now and after death, out of concern for the financial future and welfare of those left behind.
    With this book you will:
    • Save money, time, unnecessary expense, hassle and grief.
      Organize your personal and financial information.
      Get simple forms to fill out and help you organize your life.

      The book was written for each one of the billions of people living in today's modern world. It is a guide for organizing personal and financial information.
      The book explains the differences between insurance policies, savings plans, pension funds, types of securities, wills and estates, inheritance and their actual meaning.
      The book suggests a diversity of issues for different populations, and clarifies life issues such as funeral, burial, mourning customs and planning options for commemoration and memorial.
      The book is very detailed, laid out by topics and tips and offers answers to almost every present and future problem. It includes approximately 100 simple forms to fill out that will help you organize your life.
      Not everybody needs every detail in the book, but everyone needs emphasis in one direction or another.
      >>>An important gift you should give yourself and to those dear to you
      By properly conducting yourself today, you will ensure your future as well the future of your loved ones; you will save time, unnecessary expense, hassle and grief; and you will attain peace of mind for the rest of your life.

    This book will “help you stay in the memory and consciousness  of those dear to you in the most appropriate manner, but also to prepare for all the scenes and scenarios for which you need to prepare before departing this world.


    The author offers his personal website as a resource for more information and a place download necessary forms that you might need.

    The author is careful to say that this book does not provide legal guidance or suggestions. 

    This book is very much needed by society so they are not caught without the necessary things to sooth the hearts of their loved ones and leave other aspects of life in order.

    I received this book at a greatly reduced price in exchange for this honest review.