Wednesday, May 13, 2015


A Call to LUCID Consciousness That Our Kids Could Get Into

This is a little unusual for a blog that consistently is looking for and sharing good lesson plans, but I just had to share some great music that I stumbled upon,  It is inspiring, it is clean and it calls everyone to consciousness, to be aware of what REALLY is going on around us. The group is Lucid 8, Idle Revolution. 

As always all comments and opinions are my own. This music was given to me as a gift for reviewing.

While listening to music this afternoon, I discovered Lucid 8 and their album, Idle Revolution. This group is very different in several ways. One is that each song did not sound like the last one played, as can often happen in one album. In fact, some of the songs weren't completely in the same genre.  Each song could fit into a different grouping.  What I mean is when I listened to the first track, “Normalcy Bias” I felt I could have been listening to Metallica. The start of soft keying that builds and burst forth in feelings of urgency combining with words that call us to action, to be conscious about what we are doing, what they are doing, to rise above it and see things for what they really are.
 “The Truth”, the second track, something in the rhythms made me think of Korn. The music and song making me feel the anger of the artist at the lies that he’s been told and that he can’t trust anything that is said anymore.
 The song "The Only One" reminded me of Mellencamp’s Jack and Diane, because of the light bounce in the music, a part that included rhythmic clapping. In that and the words led me to feel the excitment of meeting someone for the first time and that it might be love at first sight, and hoping, begging “let me be the only one”. “Pieces” shined, in parts, of glorious moments of Three Doors Down. Light, yet conveying joy and celebration of having a special one in your life and a true promise that they will always be “a piece of my heart’.
By this time, I’m beginning to realize the various feelings the songs have evoked in me: “The Road” through word and music conveys the yearning for a loved one while your work takes you on the road. “Cliche” gives a feeling of warning not to “fill up the spaces with so called wisdom of cliches”, and is backed by “Lucidity” another quiet but urgent call to be sure you are seeing what is really happening around us.
 This leads to the album title song, “Idle Revolution”. The music took me back to Green Day with a tender guitar and piano interludes. I began to understand the culmination of all the songs on this album and the music and words as a call to be lucid, conscious, to stand up for what we believe in, to examine our thoughts because what we have learned may be lies. We may have become too willing to believe our thoughts, our faults so much, that we don’t want to admit they may be wrong. It is time for us to look outside and around us and change what is not right in an “Idle Revolution”  
I realize that in this review, I have made many comparisons to other groups. I am by no way, saying they are copying others, not at all. I mean THIS IS A MULTI TALENTED GROUP that gives you many choices in one production album.  If one song is not your taste, listen to another, they will eventually please you. As for me, I love all kinds of music from heavy metal to country to classical and all that in between. I felt I could go to different songs to suit my different moods. I love the call to consciousness throughout the album that results in an “Idle revolution” for the betterment of life.
 I can’t wait to listen to their other works. (two previous albums) With each song, you can’t be sure what you get until you listen. I haven’t fallen for a group in quite awhile.  It’s time and this one is it, LUCID 8 - Idle Revolution. It’s the beginning of something really great! Don’t miss it. Here’s the link where you can find Idle Revolution and Lucid 8’s other albums:

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