Thursday, June 4, 2015

Good Stuff Broom Holder


I discovered a wonderful "helper"for the classroom or at home. You know how children will take anything long and pointed and ____________. Fill in the blank. Did you say, use it as a weapon?  Yes. indeed.  But, where can you put your brooms, mops, dirt catches, dusters etc. where they are put away, yet still handy?  Storage space is so limited in a classroom and at home. 

Well is the solution: for a relatively low cost, you can have a Good Stuff Broom Holder put up  in your classroom, on a unused storage door, your coat closet, a wall and hang up to eleven pieces of cleanup tools. No more swords, guns or chances that they may fall and hurt someone. It can happen.

True story: when i was a kid in second grade, I was dusting for Sister Fulgencia and accidentally knocked down the long heavy pole with the huge hook on it. The one that was used for opening and closing the window fell with a crash. It fell right on Sister's toe!!!  It was broken. I was petrified.  They rushed her to the hospital. I lost my job dusting. I thought I was going to get beaten with her ruler.  Not much else was said about it, except for my tearful apology.  (My mother gave her many gifts that I did not know about to try and ease the tension between us.) If only, yes if only, we had the Good Stuff Broom Holder, I might not have been scarred for life!!

 #TheGoodsGroup Broom Holder can be found  It holds up to 11 items with each  item being 7 and 1/2 pounds.  There are hooks as well. It is very strong. Go get one, save yourself  some pain! and sword fights!

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