Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hugo Good Friends


 Here we are with Hugo, the happy starfish, once again, on his island of adventures.  This is another wonderful book by Suzy Liebermann. It is one of a series of stories about Hugo, the Happy Starfish and his pursuit of happiness.


 in this book we find Hugo lounging on the ocean with his friend, a sea dragon.  They wash away to an island where the Sea Dragon blows his magic horn. When he blows his magic horn, he can tell if a good friend is near. His horn goes off several times. Each time a different starfish appears, but Hugo does not want to befriend them because they are too small, too big, too many arms, etc.  The sea dragon and Hugo go to a clearing and there are all the starfish, together, playing happily. The Sea Dragon and Hugo discuss differences, similarities, what it would be like if we all were the same.  A great book for discussion starters on these topics in your classroom. I love these books by Suzy Liebermann because they give the teacher and easy way to bring up tough subjects.

This is a wonderful book in the series where Hugo learns about "Tolerance" and that not all friends have to look like Hugo to be "good" friends.  He learns that in his search for happiness, Tolerance of people's differences is a big step.


This book was given to me as a gift in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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