Sunday, July 5, 2015

LED LIght Cap Light Rayburn Fishing



Have you ever found yourself wishing for one more hand? You are doing something like changing the baby, one hand on the baby, another on the diaper and then you reach for the baby powder but with what? So you let the diaper go and grab the powder and baby gives you that third hand and snaps the diaper out from under ripping it or tossing it to the floor.  Now how do i get that? I won't take my hand from the baby. So you put down the baby powder and bend to reach the diaper, and you raise your head into a cloud of baby powder. Thank you baby! Just one more hand would help.  

After I had my first child, I kept telling people, that God really needs mom to grow a new hand each time she bears a child. She needs it, not just for the newborn, but for the next 18 years the baby is her charge. lol

How about those times you need someone to "hold the flashlight". You are working under the sink and need to see the drain has been sealed correctly. So one hand on the pipe, the other full of plumber's glue. Who is going to hold onto the flashlight?

Or you are working under the hood of the car and trying to place a new part on the engine. It's getting dark and your minutes of daylight are numbered. Even that light on the hook above you is no help because your big head blogs out the light of that strategic plan. 

So What's the Answer?  LED LIGHT CAP BY Rayburn Fishing. You clip the light right on the brim of your baseball cap and press a button to turn it on.  A very bright LED Light that lights up the whole area so you can work without hesitation. The light goes right where you want it, as the light will move with your head as you move your eyes. Direct aim of light. No direction of the light to a third person. It is so easy, so bright, and so helpful.  

You will find a million uses for this light.  Take it along when you travel. Use it while fishing in the early morning light. Use it at the fuse box when the lights go out. I don't think a household should ever be without one.  They are the best. The LED Light Cap Light is made of sturdy plastic and takes three triple AAA batteries.  You can get one from: by #Rayburn Fishing.

Rayburn Fishing describes its product:

This incredible LED Visor light allows you to work hands free under even the darkest conditions!
11 Super bright LEDs light up your workspace regardless of the activity.
Attaches to cap for the most practical, hands-free light source available
This LED cap light is designed for fishing, biking, camping, hiking and anytime you need bright illumination
11 Super Bright LED Lights
Securely attaches to brim of hat or visor
Work mode: Constant Lighting                                                Illumination distance: 5m
Weight: 30G
Color: Black
Power: 3 PC AAA Battery (Not Included)
Size: 90 x 60 x 17 mm
Retail Packing:Blister card Packaging
Packaged Included:
1 PC 11 Light Bulbs LED Cap Light

When I received my Cap Light one of the contact spring wires was missing.  I wrote them a quick email and within two days, I had new one in my hand.  WOW, THIS SELLER IS FANTASTIC! 

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