Friday, July 24, 2015

Marble Run


Marble Run 

I have a Marble Run. Let me say that again, I'm so lucky, my classroom has a marble run!!!  yeeeehooooweeeO  A marble run is an area set up so that  you run your marbles through it and it does some really need things, that twists, cuves, bends, sets things spinning, etc You can build it over and over again.  It really draws out the creativity of kids. They will want to spend hours and hours building different ramps and runs.  It is a great motivator for kids to get their work done and getting it done in good form. (You have to work with them on that, but once they know they don't get to run if they're not done, they work harder and much more efficiently.

This kit is so much fun. I predict that once the word gets out, this will be one of the leading educational toys on the market. It is sort of like dominoes but not the game, the way you set up dominoes in ramps and runs only to watch it fall at the end.  Who doesn't love that!! It can get pretty complex and competitive. There are national competitions for different ages to build runs. I think this set of building tubes for runs is so much fun, it is hard to keep this teacher and surrounding teachers away from it!!

EEEMarketing Says Of MegaFun Marble Run:
  • 75 bright colored pieces, 30 Mega Marbles
    Dozens of variations that allows for hours of creative play
    Includes instructions
    Helps develop spacial skills and hand-eye coordination through building
    Marble runs are a true and tested toy that allows for creative play as children and adults create their own marble run maze. The colorful pieces help stimulate the brain as kids use their creativity to create endless designs. This type of building helps develop spacial skills and problem solving. Your kids will enjoy hours of fun creative play with this Marble Fun Run.
If you want a Marble Run of your own, (you know you do) you can purchase one or more at

I received my Marble Run at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review.  This is my honest opinion unless otherwise stated.



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