Saturday, July 11, 2015

Stop Snoring Bundle


Do you snore? I DO. LOUD. I woke up once with a new boyfriend. He was sitting there staring at me with bright yellow earplugs in his ears.  I didn't hear from him again. I called. He  said he was offended that I did a background check on him. lol We all know the real reason, and I probably would have done something about it sooner.

American Snoring Solutions has developed a
seven step program that goes along with a kit. The kit includes: chin strap, cones, a nasal dilators and a case to store it all.

 I use a cpap machine and asked my doctor if using the Snore Bundle was safe. When I got the go ahead, I tried it. Wow what a difference. There was not period of getting used to it.
  Everything fit so very well. The chin strap was adjustable because of the Velcro. Various sizes of cones and nasal dilators were included in the kit which made it very easy to fit. There was NO snoring and hasn't been since that first night. I think my husband is going to stick around now!

I got my Stop Snoring Bundle free in exchange for this honest review. You can get yours:


 American Snoring Solutions Says:

AMAZING STOP SNORING BUNDLE: NEW Comfort Fit Anti Snoring Jaw Strap By Snoring Solutions + Snore Cones - Nasal Dilators + FREE BONUS: SNORE GUIDE: 7 Steps to help you stop Snoring!

2014 Anti Snoring Device Of The Year Winner!! Amazing value Bundle! 44£ Value - 50% OFF!
JAW STRAP: Product premium features: Adjustable universal size - Velcro straps are available to adjust to optimal tension and comfort.
SNORE CONES: 2014 NEW MODEL KEY PRODUCT FEATURES: REUSABLE - Eliminates single use strips and provides cost savings. | READY TO USE - no preparation steps or getting used to. | COMFORTABLE - No sticky, skin-pulling adhesives.| SAFE MATERIAL: Medical Grade Silicone material, Latex and BPA free.| PERFECT FIT: package includes 4 size - S, M, L and XL for perfect fit. | INCLUDES STORAGE CASE: Easy to store and travel with. Great personal use or gift
BONUS INCLUDED: Purchase includes your guide to SNORING as well as 7 step success plan to stop snoring and improve your sleep hygiene.

Getting a good night's sleep is VERY important. It helps you think clearly, lets your brain process yesterday's lessons and absorb and integrate them into your mind, makes you more creative, contributes the the health of the rest of your body by giving it the change to repair and recharge. There are so many more reasons for a good night's sleep. If you are snoring, you are not getting a good night's sleep. If you stop breathing while you are asleep and snoring, you may be stopping your heart several times a night. Get checked out. Yes, a cpap looks weird wearing it, but it can save your life and give you your energy back. If you think you are not breathing well at night, ask your doctor for a sleep study. A sleep study can tell you much about your night activity.

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