Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wedding Dance

DanceCrazy's Wedding Dance MASTERY System - DVDs5

 When I heard there was another wedding coming up, I panicked. Not again, no not again, I am never ready to dance. I don't know the oldies and I certainly don't know the latest. I always go and feel so dumb or a wallflower. This has gotta stop!  My boys are in their twenties and any day now they could come home and introduce me to my future daughter-in-law.

Then I was given a chance to look at these dvds from Salsa Crazy, Wedding Dance with over four hours of instruction, pictures, photos of moves, patterns, arms, footwork step by step. Sounds like a solution. So I watched them.

This is the most complete set of dance instructions on DVDs that I have ever seen. So very complete, it includes the First Wedding Dance, the Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba and extra to cover everything you want to know about dance.

The seller says:

 Be able to dance to any of your favorite first dance wedding songs, and feel confident doing it!

This wedding dance video will teach you all the popular styles of wedding dance so that you can tons of different wedding dance songs , and know how to dance to all of them. DanceCrazy presents the perfect instructional guide to your first wedding dance, and your first dance as husband and wife.

With complete preparation for each dance (Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing, and Rumba), we also include an enormous amount of extra material to cover every aspect of your dance. Every question you have will be answered with our in-depth discussion and overview of key concepts and practices that pertain to dancing at your wedding. We take you step by step through each dance, break everything down for you, dance it with you together to real music, and finally give you additional tips for success! We even put together some great patterns for you to take with you onto the dance floor! DanceCrazy's Wedding DVDs are for even the absolute beginner!

Well the wedding that I was invited to came and we went to Tahoe. We took pictures of those that practiced dancing with us. We even took a video for  you to enjoy. We miss getting together to practice and have planned to get together again, just to dance. The bride and groom were part of our dance group. My boys are still single, neither of them caught the garter, and I will have to keep dancing to stay in practice.

                                        Dance Crazy Graduates

I got this DVD set from Salsa Crazy at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review of the DVDs. This is my honest opinion. I think this set is the BEST dancing instruction set I have ever seen.  It is easy to follow and fun. 


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