Thursday, August 13, 2015


Crazy Coffee French Roast

Crazy Coffee is Organic and follows fair trade   
I got this bag of 'Crazy Coffee' and I wondered, is it good? What is so 'crazy' about it?  I had one cup ONE, and it was amazing. Not too dry, not too strong, but wonderful coffee and aroma. Everyone who walked into the breakroom couldn't help but say how wonderful the aroma was.
A few days later, I go back for coffee and the bag. I have to review because they gave me this bag at a reduced price. My part of the bargain: review and report.  So I go to the refrigerator where all good coffee drinkers know, coffee keeps well in the refrigerator.  GUESS WHAT: GONE!!  What better testimony is there about a product than if someone STEALS it because they want it and can't find it anywhere else.  They were sympathetic, they left me a baggie of about a cup of beans. A sympathetic thief! Who knew! Go figure!
 Crazy Coffee says:

CoffeeCrazy has their THIRD Blend and it's AWESOME! It's our COLOMBIAN WHOLE BEAN coffee. You'll love it!

It's a 12oz bag of LOVE in every order! Super fresh, organic, fair trade and part of the rainforest alliance, this coffee is entirely awesome. We love it, and we know you will too.

Best in a French Press - but perfect served any way you like. :)

To the thief who took it: GET YOUR OWN!! go to


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