Saturday, August 15, 2015

Giant Bubble Wands


 Recently I got 12 Giant Bubble Wands to review. I forgot how much fun bubbles and wands can be.  These were huge, about 3 feet long and the blower itself was about 12 inches. They were maade out of durable plastic and the wand or stick part had a dip in it so it was so easy to dip into a pan of bubble soap.  The blowers came in 2 kinds of flowers and stars in NEON BRIGHT COLORS. 

If you haven't blown bubbles for awhile, you will find you have retrain your wrist to give that gentle, graceful flow of the wand that will produce bubbles on the wind you create. Don't try to actually "blow" throw these, you will find you will need to call an ambulance for oxygen!!

The seller, EEE Marketing says:

 Bubbles and bubble accessories add excitement to outdoor play, weddings, birthday parties, picnics, and much more! These giant bubble wands allow you to **** enormous bubbles. Size: 24" L. Made of plastic. Assorted colors and styles

I got my wands for a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. The wands are great, good quality and fun fun fun.  To get your bubble wands go to:



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