Sunday, August 30, 2015



Levels for Guitar is an online Guitar Lesson site for BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATES AND GREATS!  You enroll on line and go the site and learn at your own pace! You have access to a teacher if you need help. The site does everything to make it as easy as it can. Various pictures, drills, practices, all at a reasonable price.  The thing I loike the most about it is being able to practic until I feel I am reafy for the  next lesson. Versus going lesson to scheduled lesson without being ready or done with the last lesson.  Sweet!.  All teachers should be able to play an instrument for their class. We practice recorder, piano, guitar. But I always wanted to do more. So I am going the guitar route because there are so many songs that can be sung with guitar and I love the sound. And I love John Denver.  I'll never play like him, but its fun to reach some level!!

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I received a lifetime of lessons for reviewing this site in exchange for this review.

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