Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Minecraft: Famous Characters

Minecraft books are great. They are funny and yet educational, which is a combination often sought for but not often achieved.  The Minecraft books by Hocmaa publishing show what different groups of people/things/places would look like if they were part of Minecraft. The results are hilarious.  What teacher wouldn't want a lead in like this. Hook them with the Minecraft edge and then reel them in with the facts and contributions of historical figures. Sneaky. Yep, this teacher loves it!

Minecraft Famous Characters cover historical figures from Abraham Lincoln to Marilyn Monroe. It gives a brief description and some thing(s) that they are noted for such as accomplishments and nicknames.  It is a book that jabs at curiousity and often causes the young student to see out more information on the historical character. 

The seller says:
 Did you ever imagine what would be when the famous will appear in MineCraft
This is a great and funny book (With actual life facts of the famous) that will inspire your imagination to read more.
Great book for kids and Minecraft Lovers


I got my copy of Minecraft: Historical Characters at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review. If you want your own copy you can get it in Kindle or paper at

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