Saturday, September 19, 2015


Baby Comfy Nailclipper

Oh how I wish I had this when my kids were growing up! It is an egg shaped nail cutter with a blade on one side and hard plastic stage on the other. The blade clips the nail while the plastic gently pushes the baby's skin back and the blade lands on the plastic. Safe, comfortable. Now can they come up for one for dogs, cats, pets?  I'm never satisfied.
The seller says of the #babycomfynail   clipper.

 NEW PATENTED SINGLE-BLADE TECHNOLOGY won't cut baby's skin. The single-blade design of Baby Comfy Nail is designed to hold the fingertip skin back so that only the nail gets cut. The bottom ledge sticks out slightly so you won't cut too closely to the sensitive nail bed. The durable plastic bottom ledge lasts for thousands of cuts. Baby Comfy Nail is larger than standard clippers by design so it's easier to hold and operate. Attach a lanyard to keep the clipper within reach when you need it. The unique, patented design of Baby Comfy Nail makes it virtually impossible to cut the skin of baby's fingers, making this truly the FIRST BABY SAFETY NAIL CLIPPER. Trim Tearlessly.
I got my Baby Comfy Nailclipper at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review. You can get yours at:

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