Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beary Genius Chalk Markers


In the reviewing you see alot of products, many of the same kind. Well I have reviewed many Chalk Markers and they have been horrible to okay. However this time, I have found the best Chalk Markers out there: BEARY GENIUS CHALK MARKERS.  Yes, they are dark in color, even the Neon colors. To add to it, they included two tips to the markers, one pointed and one flat sided. There are so many wonderful possibilities with Beary Genius Chalk Markers. The seller says:
Product Description
10 artist-grade premium liquid chalk markers made with the finest 6mm durable reversible tips
The unique 6mm reversible tips are a must for any serious crafter:  The round tip end creates bold strokes, and the chisel tip end generates sharp patterns and adds shapes to your art.
Illuminate your message or artwork with nontoxic, water-based, dustless, vibrant neon ink
Comes with 8 grams of vibrant neon ink per marker — twice as much as in most other chalk markers
Can be used to create school projects, menu boards, birthday greeting cards, signs, and more


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