Sunday, September 27, 2015

Business Plan Writing Guide How to Write a Successful, Sustainable BP in 3 Hours


If you ever wanted to write a business plan but were put off by all the things you thought should be in it or didn't know if something should be in or out of it. Read this book by #clydebankbusinessplan Clyde Bank Business Plan and it will make that business plan a snap.

Information about the Audiobook:
So you have an idea for a startup, an idea that could potentially be worth millions, even billions! Maybe it's for a software program, a multiplatform app, perhaps a new niche retail store. This idea could change your life, and even more, it can change the world! So, now what? How do you turn that idea into a real-life thriving business? How do you take some chicken scratch on a napkin and turn it into a dollar symbol? Do you need to have your MBA, a CEO as your mentor, or $200 million in seed money? No! What you need is far more simple, and it can be created in as little as three hours!

What you need is a business plan. As simple as it sounds, a business plan is a plan for your business. Think of it as the blueprint for a house. It will show you how to go from start to finish while showing you all of the pieces you will need along the way. A business plan will take an idea or concept for a business and can turn into a reality within as little as 3 hours.

I got my copy of this book at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.  You can find your copy at

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