Friday, September 18, 2015

CB Filter and Caps for Aeropress Coffee

CB Filter and Caps for Aeropress Coffee Maker

These Filters and Caps are the perfect fitting replacements for the Aeropress Coffee Maker and are provided by Cornucopia.

The seller says #CBFilterandCap

 Aerobie Aeropress Replacement Cap and Reusable Filter

These aerobie aeropress caps with reusable metal filter by Cornucopia Brands are the perfect replacement caps for arobie aeropress coffee presses on the market today.

Before ever sending our aeropress coffee press caps to market we shared them with coffee shops and baristas for approval, all of which could find no fault, or difference over OEM parts.

Our aeropress replacement cap and reusable filter combo is perfect for replacing a lost or broken cap, and also perfect for just having a spare.

When paired with the included reusable filter, you can make your aeropress more efficient, and put/keep it in service for years to come!

I was asked to review and received one at a low price for my review. If you are looking for these filters you can find them: 

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