Monday, September 14, 2015

 Juicy Case G4Case2 Hands Free Display Phone Case

This is a sleek leather case in black, red or silver for G4Case2. It is very classy and provides a Hands Free Display for your phone. It has a circle for the clock.
 The seller says:

Product Description
This versatile case combines various important capabilities. Smart view window: Smart view window with the ability to receive\reject calls, check weather updates, play music and much more.
You don't need to remove the battery cover to use it like in most of the smart view cases. Instead of leaving the original back cover at home (risking in losing or damaging it), with Juicy Case® you attach the phone in one piece to the cover, and easily maintain the waterproof capability (for phones with waterproof capabilities). And if you want to take it out of the case - you have it in one piece.
The little things that make this stylish case so much better: Magnets. Magnet secures the cover in place when open or close, which is absolutely fantastic! The magnets are invisible, so no extra clips. Just close the case and it's closed. Another magnet is located on the outer side of the cover so if you make a call when the case is open - it sticks. It is also equipped with credit card slots and stand cover case. Exact fit allows access to all ports and controls on the phone. This durable case is made of high quality materials, and protects your phone from dirt, smudge and scratch

I got my case at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review.  Go get yours at:

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