Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cord Bunding Sleeve



I didn't know these even existed!! Have you ever got up from your chair and caught your foot in a cord under your desk, maybe even pulling your keyboard or even worse, your tablet or whole computer tumbling to the floor? I have. Admit it, you have. 

Well here is the answer to that spaghetti mess under your desk or anywhere else. A cord bundling sleeve made of strong rubber foam. It has a zipper. All you have to do is put your bundle of cords inside of the sleeve an zip the cords inside. Done. That unsightly bunch of cords is gone. Those cords can be dangerous to children as well. You can also use a sleeve to hold all your peripheral cords together in one place. No more searching high and low for cords to your camera, terra, microphone or any other thing you would attach to your computer.  Just hang it near your computer or put it in the desk drawer. There they will stay, untangled and waiting for you the next time you want to
use them.
I got mine for a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.  If you want one you can go to and search for Cord Bundle Sleeves. /B015HWXG4M?refRID=01E54566BK9518GXDDPP&ref_=pd_ybh_a_52

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