Saturday, October 24, 2015

Dr. Whitenings First Whitening Tooth Brush

I have always wanted to try one of those kits. My teeth are not bad,not bad at all, but, they are somewhat stained. I loves my tea. lol
This is the first kit that works almost instantly. It cleans stains the first time!! You get more on the second time and third time using the 'brushes'. The brushes are a type of felt-like cloth on the keyshaped holder. The kit comes with replacement cloths for the 'brushes'. It has two brushes...for two people.  It is very reasonably priced. There are no dangerous chemicals or goo or trays or sticky tape to put on your teeth.
I use it and I notice that it took off stains the first time. The rest the second time. My teeth looked shiney, white, and felt slippery clean!  At this rate, I can clean and still drink my tea and coffee! I can just clean the stains without having to pay a huge treatment price! Here are my pics from the first three days: 

Day One Before

 The seller says:

  • The Worlds First!

    ALL-IN-ONE TEETH WHITENING SOLUTION IN MINUTES: quickly rids your teeth of hideous surface stains saving you from embarrassing moments. Make it part of your daily/night time Dental Hygiene
       Boost your confidence by getting rid of these stains quickly and effectively producing super      radiant,     confident mirror smiles. SIMPLE and CONVENIENT 4U: You can take the brush anywhere, easy to access when you need it. Just add water to stick and brush away, saving you time and money.

  • GETS INBETWEEN TEETH: It cleans hard-to-reach areas and polishes away surface stains like successful Dental Instruments, keeping smiles natural and whiter while making the mouth feel \wholly clean. 
ZERO TEETH SENSITIVITY AND ENAMEL SAFE: All Natural, Comfortable and gentle on the teeth, the teeth whitening brush is enamel safe not like some teeth whitening strips, gels or Pen. Keeping Your Teeth healthy so you can feel and look good.

 I love Dr Whitenings kit. It is as easy as brushing your teeth, easier!  It is easy to carry with you and do it whenever you have a time and space for privacy. It looks great
I got my kit at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. You can get your kit:


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