Thursday, October 1, 2015

Iron Man T-shirt


I saw this t-shirt and just had to get it. With the third Iron Man movie just coming out, I thought this t-shirt said it all.
With the picture of Iron Man and Tony Stark and the words "The Invincible", it reminds me of the confident, go full power ahead young men in my life, and that he should have this shirt. MY SON. 
For those of you who have no idea who Iron Man is, he is the infamous Tony Stark

 who inherited his father's business but really has not interest in it. He would rather build transformer like suits to wear and fight evil,

 and save the world over and over. He lacks finesse with women (unlike my son) but he is learning from his long-time put-up-with-Tony- secretary, Pepper Potts. I think he will get it in one of these films. 
The shirt is of a high quality cotton polyester blend. Stitching is impeccable. The logo, done in black, red and white is perfect. There are no streaks and no runs or shadowing. It is crisp and clear. The shirt is machine washable, tumble dry. 
I got my shirt at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. You can get your shirt by going here: 


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