Saturday, October 24, 2015



 OMG This is an amazing jewel. I'm getting older and my eyes are getting a bit more picky about what they are going to work hard at reading. So many times when I get products to review, I am finding that I cannot read the fine print. So when I saw this, I thought, handy, this would be real handy. 

And, it is. I have been using it every day since it arrived either as a paperweight but more likely a magnifier. It fits the palm so well, it feels natural for it to be there. It is beautifully crafted, crystal and clear.  It is heavy enough to hold down a stack of papers. It is almost like my stress ball!
 It comes in a beautiful box lined with a dark silky cloth that cushions the magnifier.

The seller says:
✓✓ NO MORE STRUGGLING TO READ: Finally, magnify maps, newspapers, or magazines with ease with this light-gathering glass dome. The quality crystal materials in this reading magnifier create incredible clarity!
✓✓ CLEARLY SUPERIOR, GUARANTEED: This magnifying glass and crystal paperweight is made of the same K9 Crystal that's used in prisms, lasers, and high-end chandeliers. It provides greater clarity and durability than lesser materials.
✓✓ EASY TO USE: This dual-use paperweight & magnifying glass glides smoothly over maps, blueprints, newspapers, and other materials. Easy and pleasurable to use because you don't need to hold over your materials. Unlike handheld magnifiers, you can simply glide it right over your materials, leaving your hands free.
✓✓ A PERFECT GIFT: This lovely dome magnifier comes in a deluxe satin-lined gift box lines with luxurious satin cloth. This is a *complete* gift for your loved one or your own beautiful display case.
✓✓ TRUST JACARTE: A magnifying glass dome & paperweight by Jacarte, industry leading crystal specialty maker. The same company chosen by the Getty Museum, the New York Times, and the Harvard Club. Comes with a 365 day money back guarantee. Get yours by adding this to your cart today.

I got this magnifying paperweight at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. You can get yours


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