Monday, October 19, 2015

Premium Chef Pizza Cutter


This pizza cutter works great on thick and thin pizza and can also be used on cutting dough if you are so inclined for using it for that. This pizza cutter works well in a smaller hand, but a larger hand may find it difficult.

The seller says:Pizza Cutting Slice Utensil and Tools for the Home.

  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Perfect pizza cutter wheel delivers great slices every time, no fuss, no mess. Whether it's thin crust, deep dish, New York or Chicago style, slice through any pizza easily with the razor sharp stainless steel blade.
    SAFETY - Cut your pizza not your fingers !! With an ergonomically designed grip handle to reduce tension in the wrist and a thumb guard, there's no safer pizza cutter rocker.
    CRAFTSMANSHIP & CARE - Made with the highest quality materials the attractive design accents any home kitchen decor, strong and sharp blade construction isn't flimsy and unlike cheaper equivalents our product will NOT FALL APART, BREAK or RUST... Cleaning could not be simpler, wash in warm soapy water then towel dry or just pop the cutter into dishwasher.
    VERSATILE - The products versatility means it works great to cut quiches, tarts, dough, pastry or fresh herbs too !
    ENJOY THE IRONCLAD 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We are so confident you're going to love our DinaChef Premium Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter and will be happy to refund if you are not completely satisfied.

    Don't you hate it when your knife just won't cut it?

It's pizza night at your house and everyone's hungrily waiting for a slice of their favourite pizza. But your knife just isn't quite strong enough or up to the job. It takes too long to cut everyone's slices and they never look as good as those cut in the pizza restaurant.
So what can you do? Here's your solution..
DinaChef Premium Pizza Cutter gives you perfect pizza slices to serve each and every time you cut. The quality stainless steel blade slides easily through any pizza base and all your favourite toppings with ease. Sharp blade, fast and precise, you'll impress your friends with pizza presented to perfection.
Why choose DinaChef Pizza Cutter?
• An strong steel blade wheel means you're ready for even the largest pizza!
• twin forks for additional stability and durability and much better than others with only a single arm attached to the wheel
• Sleek design with stainless steel wheel and purposeful grip handle making your popularity amongst your peers sore and making your new purchase the envy of the neighbourhood
• Perfect cuts every time with the sharp stainless steel blade!
• Reliable product which will not fall apart, break or rust
• Simple to store at home , a breeze to clean! An oversize hole in the handle means you can hang your pizza cutter anywhere; and simply pop in the dishwasher to clean.


I received my pizza cutter at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review. 

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