Monday, October 19, 2015

Red Ceramic Bowl


This is a bowl that should be standard in everyone's kitchen. It is a classy,stylish ceramic bowl that comes in various colors with a red lid. I chose a red bowl because my kitchen accessories are red. I got more than a nice red bowl. This ceramic bowl can be used in a microwave or stove or refrigerator. The pressure seal lid

keeps whatever you put in it fresh.
The seller says:
 Made of Eco-friendly material,FDA Approved,BPA-Free.non-toxic.
Widely use in daily life,can be use as food bowl or preservation bowl.
Lift the flower on top of the lid for easily open; press the flower down to seal.
Tempered glass+silicone lid and reinforced ceramic bowl,wear and skid resistant.
Microwave or Freezer safe.

I received my bowl at a discounted cost in exchange for my honest review. If you want to get a bowl for your kitchen go to:    kk

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