Friday, October 23, 2015

Well Life Pruning Sheers

Life Well Pruning Sheers

 Are You a gardener?  Do your raise roses? flowers?, ornamental bushes?  Then you need a pair of Life Well pruning shears.  These shears are egonomically suited for the hand. The blade and hook are perfectly alligned and the spring makes for easy and precise cutting and snipping.  These shears are part of the Pro-Series and have lifetime guarantee.

The seller says: 

LifeWell Pro-Series Garden Pruners

Ever bought big-brand puners before that went blunt too quickly? Have you found your puning shears uncomfortable on the hands for larger stems? Is your existing pair rusty, springless or blunt?  If any of this sounds familiar to you, you NEED to review these new release garden pruning shears from LifeWell Garden Products.

Our pruners are a cut above the rest (no punn intended). They stay sharper for longer, thanks to the highest quality SK5 steel (harder than regular high carbon steel on most brands). They are more rust and sap-resistant thanks to the electroplated Titanium coating, keeping a smoother cutting action for longer. The are design with actual people's hand in mind - with a broad upper arm to reduce hand pain and a narrow 'gate' on the arms to make them comfortable even (and perhaps especially) in smaller hands. They are extremely convenient to use, with a quick squeeze-release mechanism, taking the hassle out of the usual flip-clip style.

This is a new product release to joing our existing line of highest-quality garden tools, all backed by a lifetime warrranty.

I received my wonderful shears at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review. If you want a great pair of shears go to

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