Monday, November 16, 2015


This is a great easel for beginners, amateurs or professional artists. It is beautifully crafted out of hard wood and propped up by wood laced with a leather strip.
It is very sturdy. It holds a canvas in place, as well as almost anything that you put on display. 

I love mine for painting, but I also love using it for display of my subway art. When I paint, it gives me a feeling of confidence and professionalism that raises my esteem and my quality of painting.
The seller says:
 - A versatile table easel that functions a working easel or an elegant display easel
 - Sturdy A-frame easel with a tripod rear chain secured 3rd leg
 - Beautifully hand crafted from seasoned beechwood
 - Great for beginning artists or students working in a small studio
 - Tabletop A-Frame Easel Size: 10-1/4"Wide x 8-1/4"Deep x 14-1/4"High. Accommodates canvas art up to 12" high

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I received my easel at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest and unbias review.


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