Saturday, November 7, 2015

Ten foot Droid Charging Cable


That's right not three, not six, but TEN foot cable for your Android!~I would take my tablet to bed and wanted to keep it at 100% and plugged in. Three feet pulled out and the usb bent, six feet pulled out but TEN 10 TEN YES
10 FEET DOES THE TRICK!! Not only that, the 10 foot cable by REACH, is reinforced with a woven poly to keep the cord flexible without breaking wires of bends near the port connectors! Sweet! Hey?!  I love this cable. I think I will have it for a long long time.

The sellers say:   This EXTRA LONG Droid Cord Is 10 Foot Long, Braided Fabric & Is Guaranteed To Be More Durable Than Standard Droid Charging Cables.

10 FOOT LONG Droid charging cable is extra long 10 FEET LONG lightning cable is extra long to enable plenty of distance to use your Droid device while it's charging.
THIS Droid Charging Cord is constructed of extremely durable braided fabric and is considered to be more durable than all other Droid certified cables.
GUARANTEED TO work with all Motorola Razr, Maxx & Moto Phones without any issues.
GUARANTEED TO work with all LG, HTC, Samsung & Nokia Phones without any issues.
GUARANTEED TO be the most durable Droid charging cord available or your money back.

I received my 10 wonderful feet of charging cable at a reduced cost in exchange for my honest review. You can find one at:


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