Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Liberty Belle Doll Clothes for 18 inch Dolls


I have an American Girl Doll, a Springfield Girl Doll, a Harmony Club Girl Doll and probably a generic Girl Doll. Nice, they are all sisters and can share clothes!  Where to get them? Liberty Belle Doll Clothes.  I recently got this wonderful blue with bunnies nightgown for my dolls.  They also sell the bunny slippers which I got a year ago, just....because!  It's okay to do things, just because, for yourself.

The seller says:

 Who else is looking for the perfect bedtime companion for their little girl?

Does your little girl dream of dressing up her doll for bed, combing out her hair and having the softest, cutest possible outfit to wear? Liberty Belle wants to provide you with our Blue Bunny Nightgown, complete with hair ribbon to dress the perfect bedtime companion. Don't let your little girl go one more night without being accompanied by her best friend in the perfect night time outfit!
Liberty Belle doll clothes are made from child safe material, while our high quality stitching and construction is guaranteed to keep up with hours and hours of playtime as your little girl romps around with her favorite companion. We can provide the perfect American doll clothes solution for your little one!


• High Quality: Our doll clothes provide years of wear and play, without having to worry!
• Stain Proof: Our doll clothes are stain resistant and machine washable in an emergency!
• Child Safe Fabric: No worry about harsh chemicals or allergens!
• Beautiful Pattern: We guarantee your doll will look her best!

I received my doll's nightgown at a reduced price in exchange for this honest review.


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