Friday, April 1, 2016


Have  you gotten caught up in the latest fad of coloring in adult coloring books? (by "adult" I don't mean a book of nude pictures, although, I'll be someone will come out with that too.  Psychology Today ran an article featuring research that was done proving that adults coloring was really do benefit from coloring. Coloring seems to relax and reduce anxiety and stress.  Of course you can color with anything you like, but the paper in the coloring books are made with certain utinsels in mind. Most the coloring books urge their owners to use colored pencils.

I must tell you something I just learned about colored pencils. There are at least three kinds of colored pencils. I thought all colored pencils were alike and what did it matter which brand. Yes some seemed to color darker or brighter, but paper is paper and pencils are pencils.  Nope!! There are colored pencils used for drawing. They are rather hard and to color with them you must press hard to get a deep color. Another kind of colored pencil, are watercolor pencils. These have a softer lead and when they dipped into water, they act almost like a paintbrush.  You can use them to to actually watercolor on the right prepared paper.  The third kind of colored pencils are called oil pencils. Their core is quite soft and the coloring is mixed with a bit of mineral oil.  They color smoothly and do give a very dark coloring to the page.

Now, the product, I received a packet from USArtSupply, it contains colored pencils and watercolor pencils! It also had different grades of charcoal pencils. Thirty-six high quality pencils in all, and they came in a canvas wrap that was designed to carry all the pencils. When it is rolled up, you snap it shut with a binding leather strip. The tips are protected by a strip of vinyl and it has a pocket for an eraser and sharpener.  I call this a must have for the serious coloring adult or for a serious artist. 
The Seller says:
Product Description  - Premium Pencils that are produced with carefully selected high-quality pigments - Our pencils can be used for soft, delicate qualities or bold, crisp sharpness
 - This pencil set is great for use with Coloring Books for Adults such as Secret Garden & Enchanted Forest
 - 36-piece set contains: 12- Watercolor Pencils, 12 - Colored Pencils, 8 Sketch Pencils & 4 Graphite Pencils
 - Canvas Roll-Up Case has individual slots to hold each pencil. This case also has a pencil lead cover to protect your pencils while in the case.
[USA PS-1236-ROLL]

I am thrilled to own this pencil kit. When I was a young child, I always got what was left at the end of four other siblings use. I always wanted to have a new set. I may have had to wait thirty some years, but THIS set. I got this set at a greatly reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.


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