Monday, May 16, 2016


I have always loved stained glass. Anything affordable and stainglass had to be mine.  The cost was always the prohibitor and also was the size. Afterall, I had no place to put a huge church window!!  So I would go after the stainglass I could afford. Seems I a still in that position. My bathroom has a semi clear window and my first thought is: stainglass.  So along comes this company with window film that looks like stainglass with different accents on colors. I'm in love. The window film comes in different patternsand colors. In general, they come in sheet of 12 x 18. The window film is easy to apply and to remove.
The Seller says:
Clear Window films by Windowpix protects your space from UV rays, while providing the perfect decorative accent for any window or glass door. Available in a variety of highly-detailed images and stained glass designs, window films create the visual effect and sparkle of textured stained to quickly transform spaces. WindowPix films refract light, while diminishing glare and saving on energy costs. Window films can be easily applied to any Window panels and are non-adhesive (no sticky residue). Simply clean the glass surface with a window cleaner. Then spray it with a mix of soap and water. Apply the window film over the soap/water mix and use the provided squeegee tool to remove any remaining air bubbles. Films are easily removed using soapy water or regular glass cleaner. These films provide UV protection and are the perfect accent for windows that require basic privacy without compromising on decor. Our window films can be easily removed and rolled for storage and can be used again and again!  WindowPix patented products are all made and produced in the USA with dedication and care for the product. 

I love my stainglass film and I know that I have complete privacy as well as beauty in my bath. I received this item at a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review.

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