Tuesday, December 20, 2016


rubber stamps

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Rubber STAMP CHAMP Champ has all the professional  stamps you will ever need!

Stamps, pads, ink and so much more!  They have stamps that re-ink themselves, stamps you can safely carry in your pocket! Teachers have you ever wanted a stamp that used YOUR very own words? Rubber Stamp Champ can make customized stamps for your use. You know how there are always those few students who forget to put their name on their work? Well, you can have a stamp made that requests the name, or request a parent signature or simply says, "You Rock".   Your notes, memos, letters will get the attention it needs if your have a custom stamp made with your principals name following the words "Immediate Attention for Mrs. Smith, Principal of Rightway School"

Give Stamp Champ a try, and you will be coming up with so many ways that stamps can save you time.
                                                      STAMP CHAMP

Rubber Stamp Champ has a wide variety of stamps. They will make a stamp for you if you want it personalized.  They give quick professional service.


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