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Happy PI Day

 LED Pi Wall Art is 3.14159265 Times Geekier Than Other Wall Art




Happy Pi Day!  3-14-15 @9:26:53 

A day late but 100 years early!   Did Pi Day sneak up on you? Did it come and go and leave you wishing you would have done something with your students? Well there is always next year or the next millinium.  Read how others spent Pi Day and/or tell us what you did to commemorate the day. 

We have only waited 100 years for this day, Pi Day! Why is this Pi Day monumental? This Pi Day makes use of more of the numbers behind Pi:  3.141592653 So that gives all of us who are involved involved in math in any way, which we all are, to celebrate this day in a monumental way!  Truthfully, it almost passed me by. So I thought I would do a little bit of research and see how people celebrated this Major Math Day! Pi is actually 300 years old when William Jones a Welsh mathematician, first wrote the symbol for Pi. Archimedes, many years before, figured the the " Pi is the mathematical constant that represents the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and its decimal representation famously never ends and never repeats" (Wikipedia)." He did so by using a thousand sided polygon which he had built.  (A thousand sided polygon!!! What the heck does that look like? I'm still impressed with his bathtub!) As of late, with the help of computers, Pi has been figured to the trillion digit. As of 2015, Pi Day has been celebrated for the past 27 years.

How did people celebrate Pi Day this year? and What can we do next year?  Or 100 years from now, if you only go in for the BIG day:
Some people made little pies, lots of little pies.

Make t-shirts with the Pi and Pi DAY on them.

Visit   to see what PI looks like to the one million digits
3.14 looked at backwards as in a mirror spells 'pie'
Look at PI pies and recipes at

Books about Pi:  Pi a Biography of the World's Most Mysterious Number      
                             Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi
                             The Joy of Pi 

Check out 
where you can find music and songs on Pi in Rap, Love and Pi Day Carols*

Crafts: make bracelets, pins, hats with pi or pi number*

Have a class bring in a Pi Plate and stand in a circle*

Make a paper ring symbolizing the numbers of PI and see how long you can make it. There is actually a contest to see what school or group can make the longest chain. The record so far is Pi out to 7,000 digits.* More can be found at

Make and send Pi cards, paper or email*

Have the school stand and form the number 3.14, 3rd grade 3, 1st grade 1, 4th grade 4 and take a picture for the local news.*

Have the students estimate and measure the Pi of round treats, pizzas etc. Have them figure out what would be an equal size piece for a certain number of people.*

Have students reenact how Archimedes came upon the measurement for Pi*

Bring in big ticket items such as bicycle wheels, tires, other circles and have them find the circumference of each.* Save the covers from jars and bottles or have each student bring them in and find the circumference of each lid.

Cut a 2 liter bottle into rings and have the students find the circumfrence and put the bottle back together by measurements.

Play Pi Trivia Game (Return to this site soon for a copy of this game)

Write out the numbers in Pi out to the 35th place on post cards, Give cards to students and have them line up in order.*

Have students report, write, how math or Pi is used and is important in their lives.*

With Einsteins Birthday the same day, make a center or area celebrating Albert, send out cards reminding people of his birthday. Dress up like Albert Einstein. (Hey, look at it this way: it's one free bad hair day!)*

Play songs with Pi in them over the loud speaker: American Pie, Sweetie Pie, Honey Bunch,*

Hold a Pi Spirit Assembly, have a cheer shout off, eg.*
We love Pi Day to the core March 14 is 3 1 4!
Here’s where Math gets really fun! Pi starts 3 point 1 4 1!
Let’s make Pi Day come alive! Let’s go, 3 1 4 1 5!
Pi Day’s (4th) Grade’s chance to shine! 3 point 1 4 1 5 9!

Ask students to compose an original poem, song, story, word problem or art piece that pertains to Pi.* 

Have a pie baking contest, winner gets to throw a pie in a teacher, principal's face, have a pie bake sale, make cake pops in the shape of pies with the Pi symbol on them.

Pie throwing contest/fund raiser Students/people pay a dollar to throw a pie in someone's face

Bake pies with winning tickets inside, people buy the pies and if they have the winning ticket, they win the big prize, perhaps a donated bicycle, game player, tv, something round?

Watch videos on Pi on You Tube

Make or have a contest to make a Pi  day flag to fly under the American Flag

Make a paper mache Pi symbol and put it on top of the school for all to see "Pi in the Sky" or design and fly kites with Pi on them. If you are lucky and have a pilot parent or teacher, maybe you can recruit them to write Pi 3.14 etc in the sky at 9:35 

Lace plastic ties through the school fence to spell Pi Day.

THIS LIST COULD GO ON FOREVER!!! Like Pi!  Coincidence? I think not!!

ANY OTHER IDEAS FOR PI DAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO ADD HERE? Please put them in the comments or mail them to If your idea is included in the book we are putting together, you will recieve a FREE copy. Please include your name or user name and email, so that we may contact you for your address to send you a FREE book. You do not have to use our lesson plan form, but please be sure your idea is understandable and that it is clearly spelled out with sufficient detail that others will understand the Pi idea/activity etc.  Thank you

*Asterisk refers to ideas from

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