Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lesson Plan Line Up for Spring


As I was working on invitations and submissions to my new blog, it occurred to me that you, as I am, are TEACHERS.
That is not such a surprise, but in that, I realized, how limited and valuable your time is.  So instead of requiring that you submit a complete lesson plan, formatted as the lesson plan on this website, I will accept ideas for THE SPRING LESSON PLAN LINEUP in the form of comments in the comment section or an email to: in any format so long as the idea/lesson is described in such a way that it is readily understandable as to subject, age level, objective, activity, supplies or worksheets that are needed. Attachments of any worksheets, manipulatives, pictures are welcome. An example of how to list an idea may be seen in the March 15, 2015 post on activities for Pi.

If by chance someone has the same idea as you, I will accept ideas on a first come, first submit basis.  Please be certain to subscribe to my blog so that I have a way to contact you, in the event that your idea wins a place in our upcoming book.  I will need to know where to send your FREE COPY!  I do not encourage you to leave your email in the comments area so as to avoid scammers.

So there it is EASY-PEASY. Just leave a comment or send an email. I look forward to seeing your ideas for Spring Lessons. 
Ideas include but are not limited to: PI, St. Patricks Day, Easter, rabbits, chicks, flowers, Einstein, Earth Hour, Cesar Chavez, Poetry Day 3/21, Renewable Energy 3/21, Swallows Return to Capistrano 3/19 Spring Equinox 3/20, Storytelling 3/20 or anything else that happens in the spring months of March, April, May, June. Includes whatever you may be teaching in these months as dictated by curriculum or textbook. If it doesn't appear in our spring book, it may appear in a future book on whatever topic that may be.

I hope to hear from you soon! 

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