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One of my other creative hobbies is photography.  I absolutely love taking pictures of nature, flowers, deer, bugs, kids, holidays, well just about everything. I always carry a camera with me. I have several and I'm hoping that some holiday brings me a GroPro. But in the meantime I am using some no name, but great cameras, oh and my one with a name is my Sony 1060 which is my favorite one.  It makes me look good.  It's been with me everywhere for the last four years, and it has recorded all of the things I love and enjoy.  But I do worry about loosing it.  I keep it around my neck, but there are many times I take it off my neck and dangle it over a fence, hold it over the walk in tub to see if the tub is backing up because I cannot stand up to see into it. That camera has gone to Yosemite and hiked up to Bridal Veil Falls. It has gone to Princeton to record my son's speech. Its been to Disneyland and back. It is almost as precious as the pictures it took.

I never want to loose it, or any camera I have.  There is a new clip out.  It is the #GoProCameraClip With 360' Rotary Backpack Mount with a Bonus Metal Thumb Screw  to go with the GoPro Camera and other camera's built like it. Although I do not own the GoPro Camera, I do own a smaller camera that is similar to the GoPro that is precious to me. I wouldn't want  to have my camera slip off and fall to depths unknown! Or shatter into pieces on the side of the road.  If this is your concern when climbing or biking, or hiking, get this clip from Nomadic Gear and that worry is gone for good. This clip is spring loaded with a hinge so tight and the grasping teeth designed to clamp on the straps on a backpack or on your hiking apparel, a baseball cap, just about anything it can put its clamping teeth on. It holds tight.
 The Clamping Teeth of the #GroProClip

 The blue peg slides through the drop down stabilizer of the GoPro camera.The peg is tightened and holds the camera securely and steady. This is great and needed as this clip does more than just attach it to your equipment. The clip has a 360 degree rotating "camera stand" which allows you to position the camera to aim and focus on the area you desire to photograph, and it holds it there are you move and maneuver while climbing, hiking, biking or whatever is your sport!  SAFE SECURE to take the most wonderful pictures from vantage points that are rarely seen. You will be the hit of Instagram!! The clip can be purchased for a reasonable cost (more cheaply than replacing your entire camera and its contents. It can be found from Nomadic Gear.
Here I am wearing my GroPro Clip on my cap w a small camera
Head over to Nomadic Gear on Amazon.

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