Monday, May 25, 2015



Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Everyone has someone they are remembering today, be they military or close friends and/or family.  The children are out of the classroom today, but do they know why? "Yay it's another day off from school!!"

I would hope in this day and age with disputes and wars raging in Afganistan and the Middle East, that most people would know that this day exists to take pause, and remember those who fought in wars for us, those who survived and those who did not.  Military presence is much more common. We are accustomed to seeing them walking down our streets, on television, the net, and in our own homes.

I would like to take a quiet moment, to bow my head, our heads and whisper thanks to those are so courageous to face a gun with their lives, so that we and our freedom may live. I can think of no greater feat.

What did you tell your students about Memorial Day? What kind of activities did you do?  songs did you sing? reading did you do? 

Although it is after Memorial Day, I am going to run a Lesson Plan Lineup for Memorial Day. If you contribute an explained idea, a lesson, a book source, a worksheet, coloring sheet, activity, craftivity about Memorial Day, AND it is included in the Memorial Day Book, you will win a free copy of the book that includes your name and Memorial Day contribution. DEADLINE: June 25, 2015. Spread the word to other teachers. Come and subscribe to this site, Maries Little Red School House, subscribe and leave the idea in the comments section or send your activity and brief description of the lesson to

Do you know how the first Memorial Day began? While there are several cities that claim Memorial Day began in those respective cities, it is not clear which was first. The decorating of the graves of the dead soldiers, missionaries and others who died in the Civil War became the custom of the women. Many people, including African Americans who were freed and/or fought in the war were buried in mass graves. The women took it on themselves to decorate these sites in remembrance of all who fought. Afterward, food was laid out on sheets, table cloths and the like and everyone would eat in celebration. These were called potlucks which evolved into the present day picnics and the official start of the summer vacation periods. Just a brief history. The rest I will include in the book, "Memorial Day Celebrated"



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