Sunday, May 24, 2015

LET'S CHANGE THAT by Dr. Bashar Salame


 Have you ever sat in a faculty meeting and just wanted to shout out "LET'S CHANGE THAT!"?  Well if not there, there are occasions in your life, when you certainly wanted to scream it out.  May it is even why you became a teacher. I'm going to go in there and do it my way and CHANGE THAT. 

I will bet that you may have been on the playground and witnessed some kids picking on other kids.  They may see their friend fall, but if it is a new, strange kid, maybe even of another race or something different about them, and they won't help them out of fear, out of learned prejudice. Or even in the classroom, sometimes children will shy away from the new kid. No one will help them. How in the world do you open the conversation to discuss such concepts as alienation and acceptance, diversity and prejudice, and the pain and harm that comes with stereotypes?  How can we inspire and empower our students with the idea that change is possible.

Dr. Bashar Salame, Author
Rainer M. Osinger, Illustrator

Well Dr. Bashar Salame and Rainer M. Osinger have written a book that does just that. It will help to open the discussion on helping others, getting over prejudice, touch on bullying. It is entitled, Let's Change That! If Animals Can, We Can, Too! 

Little Bird, Bonnie the Dog and Felix the Cat

 In the bird, cat, dog world, when a baby bird is in peril, and mama bird is helpless in getting her baby back to the nest, the cat and the dog find that they can forget their differences to help. This is a timely book in a world where acceptance and understanding eludes many people.  This delightfully illustrated book will draw readers in and show them how it is not so far-reaching or impossible to invoke change but the simple suggestion that we "change that".  In this book, just the suggestion to "change that" can become a reality and bring people together to CHANGE their thinking and work out solutions.

This wonderful book, Let's Change That!   #Letschangethat can be found, Amazon,!%2Caps%2C256

A friend of mine argued that animals really don't and won't get along like suggested in the book. I had only to turn to our dog and cat relationship to prove him wrong! They get along infamously, and I know they are not the only canine and feline relationship on the planet. One only needs to scroll a few seconds on the internet, when they will run into a picture or video that disputes that dog must chase cat and cat must chase and eat bird.  The animals really do "change that!" all on their own.

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