Thursday, June 18, 2015

Energy Tea

How do you keep your energy up during the school year?

All of us start the school year well rested, full of energy and hope for the year to come.  A few weeks in, we feel ourselves waining in energy, but still working at getting the right amount of sleep and vitamins.  Then comes a time when we know we have burnt the candle at both ends all for the sake of our students, and we refuse to quit or give up because so much depends on us, on teachers, to teach the children what they will need to know in the coming school year and the rest of their lives.

Some of us turn to coffee, energy drinks etc.  I tend to turn to tea. Not just any tea, but Doctor Recommended Energy Tea.  It has a slight taste of orange pekoe, mixed with green tea leaves and a bit of lemon.  I love to have this tea with my lunch.  There is a suitable amount of caffeine in this tea which gives me just the energy I need to get through the rest of the day into the evening with my family, but not too much caffeine that it will rob me of my sleep when I do lay down. 
25 Herbal Tea Bags

Doctor Recommended Energy Tea can be found at for a very reasonable price.  #totaltea  Doctors recommend this tea because it is made up of herbs, natural herbs. It also has antioxidants and some naturally occurring minerals and vitamins.   They have given this tea the name of "total tea" or "energy tea"

The producer notes on Total Tea and other teas follows:

Herbal Energy Tea by Total Tea ● 1200+ Doctors Recommend for Best Weight Loss Tea ● Our Green Tea is Blended with 5 Potent All Natural Herbs ● Our Slimming Tea has Delicious Light Berry Aroma ● 25 Day Supply ● Satisfying Green Tea Diet Customers for 10 Years

BEST WEIGHT LOSS TEA + HERBAL ENERGY TEA - Naturally Packed with Caffeine and Antioxidants for Mental Focus and Energy Boost
#1 DOCTOR RECOMMENDED BEST GREEN TEA DIET -  with 1200+ US Doctors recommending for Weight Loss, Memory Aid and or Slimming Tea Support.
HIGH ANTIOXIDANT BLEND - with ORAC antioxidant values of 58uM per Gram, compared to 28-29uM per gram for Commercial Green Tea
100% NATURAL - No Artificial flavors, colors or preservatives + Gluten Free + Kosher Certified
DELICIOUS TASTE - Over 10 years of Satisfied Customers Love our Yummy Skinny Tea


Herbal Energy Tea Customers & Reviewers consider us to be the Best Green Tea Diet period.  1200+ Doctors have recommend our Weight Loss Tea for over 10 years.  Why?  Herbal Energy Tea does Boost Energy and Metabolism, but Reviewers also say it TASTES GREAT with NO CAFFEINE JITTERS.

GUAYUSA - contains L-theanine, a glutamic acid analog found in green tea that has been shown to reduce physical and mental stress.  Contains all of the essential amino acids for humans.  Has a High Antioxidant Activity with ORAC antioxidant values of 58uM per gram, compared to 28-29uM per gram for commercial green teas.

GREEN TEA - increases metabolism.  Polyphenol found in green tea works to intensify levels of fat oxidation.  Perfect for that skinny tea effect.

CINNAMON BARK - contains antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, antispasmodic, and anti-fungal properties.

ELEUTHERO ROOT - a strong antioxidant.  Referred to as Adaptogen - an immune system, memory and energy stimulant.

GINSENG ROOT - soothes the nervous system.  Decreases blood sugar. Stimulates the endocrine system.  Common in Ginseng Tea.

So if you find yourself looking for a change of vice during the school year, you may want to give "Total Tea" a try.  It is a nice blend of flavors with just the right amount of caffeine to get you through the day.  Other teachers will be asking you just what your secret is.  Be sure to share it!

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