Saturday, June 20, 2015

Scripture Hero APP


There is a new app out there and a new app maker. The app: SCRIPTURE HERO.  The app maker: Dustin Hill.  Dustin likes to make apps that can help people have FUN  and LEARN.  His latest is an app that teaches about Bible scripture and makes it fun to do so."The scriptures will lift you and teach you about life," says Dustin on his site. To find out more about apps he has done or if you have an idea for an app you would like to see,  Scripture  
You can view Scripture Hero here:

Fun game + uplifting scriptures = Awesome!

The prophet Nephi needs to escape from his wicked brothers Laman and Lemuel. Help him escape by crossing as many walls as you can without falling. Simple gameplay: Hold your finger to extend the stick. Release at the right length to land on the next wall  Don't fall! But, if you do, just read or memorize an uplifting scripture and keep playing!

Easy, Normal and Hard modes available.

Share scriptures with your friends and brighten someone else's day.

Get the high score on Game Center and challenge your friends.

Scripture Hero debuted May 22, 2015

News of this app was given to me with limited information.  I have not had a chance to view this app personally, but I am posting to fulfill my obligation through Tomoson.

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