Monday, June 8, 2015



Have you ever wanted to throw a semi formal party for the kids in your classroom?  Or maybe just wanted to have some friends over and share in the celebration of another school year gone by? Does the thought of doing either of those bring to mind, spilling drinks, food all over and broken glasses.  Well I can't do anything about the spilling or the mess afterwards but I can suggest a set of glasses that you will be able to use over and over.

#ThinkTaZa glasses from They look like glass. They feel like glass. They give a clear crisp taste of beverage, BUT they do not break!
Taza Glasses

Taza Glasses     
These glasses would be great at a fifth grade graduation lunch or dinner and would bring a bit of class.  They also would be nice to keep in the teachers lounge to give yourself a little pamper during the day at lunch instead of drinking out of can or water bottle.  Check out the glasses at or on Amazon. Reasonably Priced.

To see how these glasses react to a fall, watch the following video:


These glasses were given to me in exhange for a review.  My review is honest. All opinions are my own.

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