Monday, June 8, 2015

#PlusLifeGuard Charger

LifeGuard Car Charger

What's a car charger have to do with creativity?

EVERY THING!  A few weeks .ago I sat in my car and debated which of my digital devi ces
I should charge first? I was attending my sons presentation at Stanford,an honorable occasion I did not want to miss. I needed my phone and my camera but had only one charging slot..God I wish I had at least two slots. And there it was that moment of creativity! How can I get two recharging slots?

At the moment I had neither the time or means to figure that out.Obviously someone in a similar situation ran into the same problem AND had the time, means and creativity to develops a solution to this problem. WELLA!! The Life Guard Car Charger was born! They developed a two slot charger! And a three slot, four,five, six! Obviously other people had bigger problems than me! #PlusLifeGuard

LifeGuard Charger

The Lifeguard Car Charger Features:
  • + IQ Technology: Now you can charger your iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HTC, MP3 Players, Digital Cameras and other cell phones, Tablets and USB devices with high speed using the +IQ USB jack.
    + Elegant: The +LIFEGUARD 2.1A Car Charger has an amazing design and color. You will love it and your friends will desire the +LIFEGUARD.
    + Powerful and Fast: This dual USB Car Charger can quick charge your device when you most need it. Let be surprised by +LIFEGUARD 2.1A Car Charger.
    + Lifetime Warranty: The +LIFEGUARD 2.1A Car Charger has a LIFETIME warranty and it carries the trustworthy +LIFEGUARD brand. You can count on the +LIFEGUARD customer service crew anytime and anywhere.

I love it! It has saved me time and again! And now, I'm looking at buying a four slot charger. There is no noticeable dip in power while charging. It comes in the interior matching colors of black white and silver.They are very reasonably priced. If you don't think so just think about the trouble you might get into without a charged phone! You can find the Lifeguard Car Charger on Amazon

This charger was a gift for doing this honest review. All opinions are my own.

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