Sunday, July 19, 2015

Infuser Water Bottle by FlavFusion


I have always wanted to have water with just plain fruit juice in it.  They may have just come out with the idea, but I wished for this for 30 years of dieting.  Now they have come out with fruit infusion water bottles and everyone has got to have one. I got
this infuser bottle, because it looked interesting with the fruit closest to the top.  It holds 26 ounces of water, approximately one regular water bottle.  It has a strainer on the top of the fruit tube in case you don't like the fruit floating in your water. The bottle and cap is made of a very durable slightly soft plastic that will not break if dropped.

The cap comes off with the fruit tube. It also has a click closed sipper on the very top.  There is room for fruit, ice and water.  The seller, FlavFusion says:

26 Oz Infuser Bottle - Makes Delicious Natural Fruit Flavored Beverages - BPA & Lead Free - Made In The U.S.A. Fill With Water and Your Favorite Fruit, Close Lid, Shake and ENJOY! Refridgerate Overnight for an Enhanced Infusion

I got my infuser water bottle at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review of the infuser. If  you want this infuser water bottle for yourself you can get one at


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