Saturday, July 18, 2015



A Kendama is a toy of skill where a person trys to catch a ball on pointed ends of a stick to which the ball is tied. My Kendama is made of wood. They could an  be made of glass, plastic or other materials.

The seller says

The Nordic Kendama is a fun Japanes game toy for ages 6 and up. It will only take you a few hours to learn, but a lifetime to master. The Nordic Kendama is 100% Eco Friendly Natural Bamboo Wood and very durable.

Throw the ball in the air, and catch it again. Hundreds of tricks to learn.

This toy will not only be fun to learn, but also train your hand and eye coordination skills. 
The popularity of these Kendamas are growing every day. 

I. Got my kendama for a reduced cost in exchange for this honest review. You can get one by going to


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