Saturday, July 18, 2015

Web Animator Plus


A fantastic program for professionalizing your website.

The seller says

Fantastic animations without Flash
With WebAnimator you easily create gorgeous and unique animations that run on all modern browsers, smartphones and tablets.

With WebAnimator Plus, Web designers do no longer need to be Flash experts to add animated banners, slideshows, ads, or backgrounds to their websites. This professional software tool provides you with all the features you need to produce high-quality animations, whose text will now be visible to search engines while cutting down the waiting time for the animations to load.

Though Flash may be needed in some contexts – where rich media content is a must for your website – in most cases it becomes a heavy and inaccessible way of presenting animated content.

All textual information included in the Flash presentation will be ignored by engine bots, and you will be forcing those visiting your website to have a Flash plug-in installed on their system in order to enjoy the video contents. WebAnimator Plus helps you to get rid of all these disadvantages without having to renounce to a highly visual webpage design.

The program offers a full-featured interface complete with a timeline, a wide range of templates, and a useful preview option. You can add images, video and audio files, geometric shapes, text boxes, and buttons to your designs in an intuitive and easy way. Object animation is simple and rewarding, as you are permanently in xzcontrol of how objects are placed and move around the screen. In order to create a perfect animation, you need to synchronize the rotation and translation movements of the object with its position in the timeline. By using the opacity slider provided wisely, you will make your logos, messages, and images appear and disappear at will and at precise moments in time.

You can create your own slideshows, product presentations, etc., with just a few clicks. Add an animated background and/or foreground, a falling object, put them in an infinite loop and let those visiting your site enjoy lightweight and accessible animations of a high quality. Besides, WebAnimator Plus supports all of the most widely used Internet browsers available in the market, as it will create your animations in a way that make them compatible with all of them, regardless of their CSS support or the way they handle code. Talking about code, this Plus version of WebAnimator will also allow website designers to edit and add their own custom code lines thanks to its built-in JavaScript editor.

WebAnimator Plus is a comprehensive tool that will let you add animated content to Web designs without the constraints of the Flash video technology. You will only need this one tool to build your entire webpage, complete with animated content, text, links, and buttons.

I received my copy at reduced cost in exchange for this honest review. To get your go to


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