Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Memory Foam Pillow by Smarter Rest

 Memory Foam Pillow by Smarter Rest

When you teach all day and are on your feet, what can be more important than a good night's rest? I can only think of a few things. When you teach, it's like giving one demonstration after another and doing crowd control at the same time. When I get home, I want dinner and rest. 

The best rest I have ever gotten has been sleeping on a Memory Foam Pillow by Smarter Rest.  It shapes to my head and keeps
me in place. No rolling off the pillow, looking for a right spot all over again, falling asleep just to have it all happen again.

The manufacturers of this pillow say:

Do you suffer from:
Tossing through the night, waking up unrested, with neck or shoulder discomfort? Snoring Too?

Rest is Hard unless done Smart. Introducing: 
Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow, made from German Memory Foam material that does not flatten over time, is soft enough to mould to your shape but hard enough to provide the necessary support, is odorless and absorbs heat.

What Makes Us Different?
Smarter Rest Memory Foam Pillow brings the innovation of granulated surface, eliminating perspiration and stimulating air flow.
This superb pillow gently supports your head at the correct angle, reducing snoring and taking away your back pain.
At Smarter Rest, we use only True Memory Foam
Our Pillow is not the usual rock hard memory foam pillow, because nobody wants to live like the Flintstones.

Get Our Limited Offer Free Package 
The 101 Smart Ways that Smarter people use to Sleep & Rest e-book
2 pairs of memory foam ear plugs and one sleep mask that completely blocks light and ensures you get sleep whenever you want and a silk ribbon for stretching or making a perfect gift!

I was given this pillow for free or reduced price in exchange for this honest review. If you want to buy a pillow go to:

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