Friday, July 17, 2015

Metal Hooks For Clothing Laundry Boots

Metal Hooks For Everything

I saw these hooks and orders them not knowing what I really wanted them for or how I would use them. IMPULSE! Since they have arrived, I have found a hundred and one uses for them.

I have two different kinds of hooks. One are the plain S hooks. The other is a hook connected to a clip. Both are made of high quality steel. The clips have a  nice tight spring to them. They are made for traveling. You us them to hang up your clothes, laundry, wet items and anything else you need for a hook.

Other than traveling,  I am finding so many uses for these  hooks. If
 I carry them with me I am bound to
find even more uses. Hanging plants, 
hanging a porch garden, in the tool shed, on the gardening table, clipping garden gloves together or tools, organizing toys in the kids' rooms, handing up crafts, craft tools instead of having them clutter drawers or work tables. The same with tools in the kitchen .                          

Quick place to hang hats coats and such               
Hanging dish rags     
Hanging pot holders
Holding curtains open
Clipping boots,  shoes, slippers together
A quick clamp
Hanging ribbons, lace, string etc together


Hanging precious Holiday ornaments on display
Hang on shower curtain for your towel, caddy
Hang robe
Take camping to hang things in tent (lanterns)
Hang cooking tools
Extra HOOK in closets
Organize toys,sports equipment
 The list is endless!!!

The manufacturer has this to say:

Product Description
  • Set of 10 heavy duty, double nickel plated steel clips with chrome metal hooks. High strength tension with gripping non-marking nylon teeth for secure hold on any item.

    Portable and convenient. Designed to hold a wide variety of multi-functional items, including: boots, coats, hats, handbags, towels, robes, socks, towels, etc.

    Your best choice for daily household use in the laundry, bathroom, kitchen, shop, office, RV, cabin, tenting, motel and more.

    Perfect for everyday use indoors and outdoors. Dry items anywhere in your home, when traveling, living in dorms, camping using any rod, bar or line.

    Longer lasting and more sturdy than cheap plastic hooks. Light multi-purpose design saves space while you organize, clean and tidy your house.

All products sold by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools are protected 

#pckt  #
I received these hooks at a reduced price in exchange for
 this honest review. All opinions are my own.

If you want to purchase these hooks go to  (clips)

The Manufacturer of the S Hooks says:


Like a proper restaurant kitchen, everything is within your arm's reach from tools to pots. If you want to fight countertop clutter, there's something pristine about rows of kitchen supplies when they're at home hanging rather than sprawled on a countertop or stuffed in drawers and on shelves. Don't limit yourself to pots and utensils, think towels, dish drying racks, and whatever else you can think of. The moveable, sliding round hooks will give you a tremendous amount of flexibility - which is the keyword for any kitchen.


Is your kitchen tool collection getting out of control? Does finding the right tool mean triggering an avalanche of gourmet cookware when you open a cabinet door? Time to unclutter. Hanging S hooks are a quick answer to countertop clutter. Made out of heavy-gauge stainless steel, these hooks will put your kitchen gadgets, tools, pots and pans on display, keeps them within quick reach, and frees up cabinet space, all at the same time. The tools don't rub or scrape against one another like in a drawer, which minimizes damage to your valuable investment. The hooks are easy to install on any rack or shelf without any tools. Suitable for all popular kitchen tools with hanging loops, as the hooks are universal and matches most kitchen styles.

All products sold by Pro Chef Kitchen Tools are protected with a full lifetime replacement warranty. If you don't like the round S hooks for any reason or aren't experiencing the organization results you expected, you will be given a no-questions-asked 100% refund.

For S hooks

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