Sunday, July 26, 2015


Legend of Zelda  Ocarina of Time
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 Does that ring a distant bell? or a distant Ocarina?  Legend of Zelda?? It was a video game that came out in the 80's and almost everyone played it or heard of someone who played. Well in the story, the Legend of Zelda, Link played an ocarina, a musical instrument shaped like a shell or small submarine with 12 holes. By covering one or two or more or less holes on the ocarina, and blowing, one could play a tune.  Many of us still ask, what's an ocarina?

Of late I was given an ocarina for review purposes.
The ocarina was invented about 12000 years ago in Mesoamerican and Chinese cultures. Guiseppe Denati designed the "modern" ocarina in Italy. The Mayans and Aztecs had ocarinas as well. Today the ocarina is seen as a musical toy. In other cultures, it is seen as magical and is still made out of clay, potatoes or sweet potatoes.

I really love my ocarina. It is more than I expected.  It is made of clay and covered with some kind of laminate or gloss glaze. It makes sweet sounts and I am motivated to learn to play it.
I received my Ocarina at a reduced price in exchange for an honest review. All opinons here are my own. If you want an Ocarina of time, see above website.


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