Monday, July 27, 2015

Bunty Baby

Bunty Baby Changing Pad

I wish I had this when my children were young. I had to look for a clean place to change my kid's diaper. I'd carry an extra towel with me, use my coat, jacket, anything nearby to get the job cleaned up. 
Yesterday I got a Bunty Baby Changing Pad to review.  It is absolutely luxurious!!! The outside is made of a printed  leopard on vinyl that makes it so easy to clean if it gets dirty. It has two handles on the outside; one to hold onto and one to lock onto the stroller or carrier. There is a zipper on the outside as well. Opening the latch clip, you unfold it once and what you have is a netted see threw pocket. The other side reveals a soft built in pillow for the baby's head.

Unfold it again and you have one-third of the changing pad showing where baby can lay. Open another third and you can completely see generous white vinyl changing pad. More pockets, slide ins and zipper pockets!! This bunting has about a zillion pockets! It has room for everything you need to change baby and still carry mommy things. You might even be able to leave your purse at home!

To put it back together you just fold and latch and you are on your way!  It is a well-engineered carrier. Every mom should have one.  Change the baby, change the world and the smell!

I received my Bunty Baby at a reduced cost in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.
If you would like a Bunty Baby or know someone needs one go to

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