Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Leverage Kite

One of the things I think children should learn before they leave school, is that they should never get rid of the child in them.  It is the inner child that keeps bringing happiness back again and again, long after all the sadness and disappointments of life wash over us.  It is in turning to those childish things that made us laugh, that we may laugh again.

A company by the name of GET CHILDISH  has this type of philosophy and makes all sorts of things with which you can "Get Childish, Release the Kid in You. 

They sent me a FABULOUS KITE for free in exchange for a review of the kite.  I did not expect what arrived.  IT IS HUGE and colorful and its tail is amazing. The tail is like a circular wind sock and about three feet long. The kite itself is about 5 feet long and 4 feet wide. 

It was so simple to put together. All that had to be done was to insert one rod in the kite pockets sewn into the kite, tie on the string, and the hardest thing, find a place without trees, poles or pools to fly it.

Lucky for me, I am a teacher and what do all schools have?  A playground and a play field.  With the kids all anxious for summer break. I took them all outside for a learning field day.  We had been covering the principals of flight and just completed discussing Bernoulli's Principle: air over the wing, air under the wing, cause lift and "flight" or glide on the air current.

We went to field with our model planes, paper planes, saucers and kites. We took turns using the air space as I divided the field into quadrants.

I let the children fly my kite, the Leverage! They loved it. I even took videos because I knew I wanted to include them in this review. I am sorry to report, that they were erased sometime during that afternoon, as well as all the shots taken during that summer learning day.  I plan to take videos the next time I am out with the kite.

The children really enjoyed the kite.  They ran up and down the field taking turns holding the string and guiding the kite to launch.  They traded holding the string when it did get  so high up and thrilled at the tug and pull of the string as they held it against the wind.  They said it was the best day of science they had ever had and believe me, they have had many exciting science days in MY class.;postID=831450617880489700


The kite is made of a high quality, strong cloth and sewn together with thread. The crossbar is made of durable plastic. The kite comes with kite string wound on a handle. A black vinyl carrying case comes with the kite.  It is an absolutely beautiful colored kite and would make a wonderful gift for adult or child.  Never fly a kite near trees, electrical power lines, poles or pools.

If you would like to visit the producer's URL :


Thank you to the vender who sent this kite to me for free in exchange for this review.

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