Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Magic of Friendship

THE MAGIC OF FRIENDSHIP BY Subhash Kummuru, Illustrated by Arul Anugraph Ross

 The Magic of Friendship is a book about friendship and the value of individual talents. It is told through the use of East Indian animals, a bit folktales and Indian beliefs.
Father Goose begins the story as they are flying over the Indian Forest of Tadoba.He prefers to fly around the forest rather than right overhead because the king of the forest, a tiger by the name of Barbar lives there and roars scaring birds out of the sky.

 He tells the group with his sun how Barbar and Hasmukh, a donkey became friends by trying to learn from each other. Hasmukh wanted to learn to roar and Barbar wanted to learn to laugh and make others laugh.

They both find they cannot do it as well as the other, but they are in admiration of their friends' talents.

It is a beautifully told story and a beautifully illustrated story that gathers in a little taste of India and teaches a world wide message.  I love the the author tells this story and also shows a bit of the Indian culture. Most Wonderful!

I received this book at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review of this story. All opinions are my own



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