Monday, July 27, 2015

Kulton Credit Card Protector

Credit Card Sleeves Protector x14 - Passport Sleeve x4 - RFID Blocking - Bonus Travel Wallet - Anti Theft Security Case Holder - Hacker Proof 
                          Kulaton Anti Theft Security Case

Kulaton sells a Anti Theft Security Case Holder with l4 credit card sleeves protectors and 4 Passport Sleeves with RFID Blocking to protect your identity and funds behind the cards. It makes your valuable credit cards and identity documents hacker safe. 
Inside the Kulaton Security Case

People laugh and say, "aww that can't happen" but it does, every day. There are alot of Theft Security Cases out there. Some are metal, some cloth, some rely totally on the RFID Blocking Sleeves. It is a scary time we live in. You may think someone has a cell phone and his/her hand brushes against your purse or suit in a crowd and by the time YOU get to the check out, Your money is gone! Kulation sells a very good Anti Theft Security Case.

I received my Security Case at a reduced cost in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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